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My dear gran was the first person to discover my psychic gift when I was around 5. My parents had told her not to say anything to me about it, they felt I was too young and to let me find it out for myself.

It wasn't until my late teens, when close friend passed away I noticed I felt a deep connection to spirit and was picking up messages about folk around me all the time. I was then told how in my early childhood days, my gran had noticed it.

I decided to develop my gift, so spent next few years studying the Tarot cards. A lot happened around this time and was blessed with paranormal apparitions. The peace and contentment I felt words can't really express. It really is something else. I'm a great believer in paranormal and past lives. I believe we've all been here before. I started to read for friends and family. They were blown away by my predictions as I was predicting friends getting married, when at that stage in their live they maybe didn't even have a partner, let alone thinking of marriage. But lo and behold, few years later, all settled now and married. It feels great that I'm able to give folk out happy news.

I cherish my gift and feel very blessed that am able to help others. A couple of occasions I've been advised by spirit too about places I've found myself in. I mind one occasion where I was at a party with friends. I felt uncomfortable around this chap who joined our company. I said to my friends, 'let's get out of here, go somewhere else', we left not that long after. Next day we found out trouble had started and it was the guy I didn't feel comfortable around who had in fact caused it and police were called! So glad we left! I don't get vibes for myself so I found the reason I got this particular one was because I had company around me so I knew had we not left, it would've been my company who would've felt the wrath of this trouble maker.

I pick up psychic vibes all the time and sometimes I need to stop myself from telling friends how I feel about decisions in their personal lives, unless they've asked of course. But it can be very difficult seeing friends with partner whom I know and feel just isn't right for them. It's none of my business so I have got to let them fight it out for themselves.

Once I tune into a reading, I then blank it all out so I rarely remember what I've said. It's great when clients validate my predictions. As I always say to folk, we all have so much control over our lives, but sometimes we get lost and just need a helping hand now and again to get on the right path. This is where I feel I can help guide them how to go about getting on the path they are meant to be on. I use tools such as Tarot/Angel cards, astrology, etc, etc but most importantly I listen to my psychic vibes first.


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