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Confessions Of A Psychic Reader

Confessions Of A Psychic Reader

As readers, it is not uncommon for customers to be impressed, or even blown away by the contents of the readings that we offer. This is, of course, wonderful and gives us validation that we are connecting well. However, I feel it is important to remember that our main goal is to help rather than impress. We are not really here to show off, but to give good guidance that will prove useful in your life. With that in mind it’s important to remember that not all readings will have the "wow" factor, but that doesn't mean they’re not good psychic readings. There are times when it is essential to pay careful attention to the more mundane elements of the reading and understand why they are being said to you. If something comes across as obvious to you, or your reader picks up on something you have heard from others, then it should really be taken as a validation. Instead of viewing it as the same old advice, try and see it as even more of a hint that this is something you need to do to bring about the right changes for yourself. I have personally experienced customers who say I’m just telling them what they already know. That may be the case, but how did I know that? Surely picking up on things that they already know is a validation of a reader’s ability, proving that the reader has not just pulled something out of the air? There are times when things need to be reiterated. Maybe the customer is avoiding the elephant in the room?

A very important thing to consider is that readers are all human beings, the same as you. Yes, we are all professionals in this field and we all love what we do, but like in all professions none of us are perfect. We do get hurt when people are unkind to us. It is not unknown for a customer to, shoot the messenger and delivering readings is one of the best examples of that concept. Psychic readings are given with honesty and integrity and it should be understood that we give you what you need to hear, which can be quite different from what you want to hear. Being truthful is not only more useful to you in the long term, but it is also in the interest of the reader to be honest for the sake of their own professional reputation. Let’s face it, anyone could rose tint a bad situation for the sake of sounding good at the time, but sooner or later it becomes clear that it helps no one.

We fully appreciate and understand that people call for readings when they are not in a good place and of course we are here to help. It is our aim to make you feel better by the end of the reading. However, we are not here to be abused and blamed for anyone's problems. We are very happy to listen as you get things off your chest. Many of us are healers, and some of us hold counselling qualifications, but we are still prone to being hurt when our help is not appreciated or thrown back in our face, as this can throw us off balance energy wise and knock the confidence we need to help people.

I feel it is essential to know who you are calling to gain the best experience possible. Profiles are there for your information and not just to show the reader's ratings. There is a difference between a "Psychic," and a "Medium," which some people don't distinguish. A Psychic is there to tell you about yourself, your circumstances and to guide you into the future, usually offering predictions. A Medium is there to connect with the spirit world and offer messages of comfort from loved ones on the other side. Not all readers can offer both skills. Asking a Medium to predict your future can be like calling an electrician to fix a plumbing issue.

As already mentioned, none of us are perfect. Sometimes it is necessary to take the information given in a reading and let it gradually unfold and make sense over time. A reader may be giving you important and relevant information that they are not able to piece together for you, after all, they are just the messenger and they don't always know your circumstances entirely, therefore it can be down to your own interpretation.

There are also rare occasions where there is just no connection between the reader and the client. This doesn't mean that the reader is bad at their job. It simply means that they are unable to help you at that given time, for reasons that are not always known. I have experienced customers with whom I have had no connection and in these cases I tell them honestly at the start. The customer is usually grateful of my honesty and will end the call with a view to calling another reader, however I have also had the odd occasion where a customer can't accept that there is no connection and persists with the. Unfortunately, this doesn't really work and just leads to a frustrating experience for both parties. In cases where this is no connection it’s nearly always better to accept that a reader is being honest instead of trying to blag a reading. Remember, they have only offered to end the reading so as not to waste your time and money. 

There are no two readers the same and this is another very important point to consider. If you go to a new reader having had readings with others, don’t expect it to be the same experience. We all work differently, and didn't all go to the same “Psychic School." All readers have different strengths. For example, one reader may be able to offer amazing physical descriptions of people and places, where others may give amazing descriptions of characteristics, personal traits and situations that are relevant to you. Having a different set of skills to your usual reader doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

I have also encountered customers who have issues with tools. Some clients only like readers who don't use any tools at all, and some only wish to have certain tools of their own choosing used in their reading. Some clients prefer a reader using Tarot Cards, some prefer an Angel Card reading. Sometimes it’s better to see the end result as the most important thing. I had one client some years ago who insisted I only used tarot and not my ribbons to connect. I tried to explain that this was just the way I work and the methods I use. The customer got angry and hung up, rather than accepting that my style of reading was a bit different. Ask yourself, if a plumber came to your home to fix your leaky kitchen sink, would you tell them what tools to use?

Equally, would you tell a plumber to just "know" where the problem is without directing them to the kitchen? It can be the same in readings. When readers ask if there is any specific areas that you wish to focus on we’re just trying to save you a bit of time and money. It allows us to go straight to the heart of the matter instead of going all around the houses. There are times when we can tap straight into the matter at hand, but this is not always possible. When we ask for a little information to get the reading on the right track, it’s done to help you, not us.

Finally, I'd like to talk about a word that many readers dread hearing: When. Timings are always fluid in readings they can only very rarely be specified. I have delivered many readings where the information has turned out to be correct, but not within an exact timeframe. This is why many readers can only ever offer approximate timeframes. The divine world has no concept of times and dates and the universe simply doesn't work with clocks and calendars. It is just as frustrating for readers when predictions don't occur within certain window of time, but that is unfortunately one of the limits of working with spirit.

Above all, be prepared to listen and take on board what is said to you, just as we are prepared to listen to you and aim to offer the best possible guidance. Be realistic about what you are aiming for and be receptive to a reading that may guide you in a different direction from what you had in mind. Mainly though, see readings as an enjoyable, uplifting, healing and beneficial experience. As readers our goal is to help and guide you to the best life and future possible.

Thanks for reading.

Paul - PIN 500337


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