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Colour - Healing

Colour healing has been used throughout the ages to improve mind, body and spirit and the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Having worked with Colour Healing and teaching it to students for thirty years I have found it is a great way to heal you and to balance. When we are in professions of caring for others it is important to be well versed in self care. Colour Healing can be an invaluable aid in this department.

Women in particular are often found in the Healing or caring professions. If we cannot take care of ourselves how can we be effective carers of others?

If you notice stress signals occurring take time to relax and recharge with green colour healing. Breathe deeply and relax and begin to visualize a green orb or ball of healing green light moving down the top of the head and radiating green colour and light all around as it slowly moves down the body. It feels particularly at home around the heart chakra. Visualize the green light filling every skin cell and nerve ending in your body and colouring your whole body green right down to your toes. This may take several minutes of colour breathing and visualizing. Then see the green ball of light moving down the outside of your body and aura. Eventually you will see yourself encircled in a green colour healing orb of light and you will feel the balance and peace and calm that it brings to you.

Green is the colour healing ray of Balance and Peace.

For those with cancer do not use green. Use pink as green also multiplies and brings abundance and you don't want the cancer cells to multiply. Green colour healing can help with hair regret, balanced mind and emotions, and stress related conditions.

Every colour healing ray has its spiritual healing gifts and there are colour healing angels and fairies, too, associated with the colour healing rays of light. Invite them in to assist.
Yellow and gold is good for clearing the aura of negativity.

By visualizing a bright yellow ball of light radiating from your centre around the solar plexus chakra or stomach area .You can see it in your mind as you colour breathe, expanding upwards and outwards and clearing all negativity from your aura. Eventually you are standing in a yellow ball of light. This brings happiness, eliminates negativity and fear and you will feel more confident. Wear yellow if you wish to be in the spotlight or to be recognised.

The spiritual gifts of the golden ray are wisdom. It is also very good for the mind. For further information regarding colour healing and the colour healing angels and fairies call Crystal Rose for a reading.

I also have designed my own colour healing chakra oracle cards for divination and healing. It would be a pleasure to do a Spiritual Reading for you.

Love and Light.
Crystal Rose
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