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Clearing The Ground

At present we are working on shifting and harmonising energy in the home. This is a really important ritual for us as a family; we de-clutter and regroup in order to set intention for new energy to usher in.

Energy must be at a natural and consistent flow and daily life can sometimes leave little room for the natural order of things due to high demanding lifestyles, constant jobs to do and tending to diverse personalities in the home. 

No matter whether a domestic goddess or a somewhat eclectic hoarder there will be work to do in the ' Clear your space, clear your mind ' department. Even a minimalistic style of living can believe it not build up pent up and stagnant energy in areas of our living and working space, these such blocks in flow can affect us on emotional and spiritual levels that can keep us from truly moving forward in ways that are seemingly unrelated to our living environment.

If you are in need of an energy boost and hope to tap into new opportunities, perhaps you feel ready for a new relationship, maybe you there's something you wish to buy but can't afford, or you simply wish to feel lighter and brighter and less fatigued? The first step you can take is to clear the ground for new growth by recycling or donating objects that you own and no longer need. This says to the ' Universe/YOUniverse' I'm ready for something fresh so I am in the process of making space for it...ready for its arrival!!!

We often give out mixed vibrations when we appear to have too much yet ask for more and on top of this it's more important than people realise that we cast out our wishes with good clean and clear intention and a high energetic frequency in order for high level frequency (that is to our highest good) to return to us.

How we go into situations is the frequency in which we will absorb them so for instance if we open ourselves up to things whilst not feeling ' up ' energised and sure then we might be disappointed as things unfold.

However if we ' Spring clean ' our space, our thoughts and our energy we are truly open to little miracles entering our lives!

On a more personal level, for an example, imagine you've had one of those days where you've experienced lots of small and uncomfortable setbacks or inconveniences. You get home, go to turn on the light, fall over the cat, and go to put the kettle on and remember you forgot to buy milk! You are suddenly met with the last straw, you feel like crawling into bed and crying. It feels as though your house of cards just fell down around you and you wonder hopelessly what you've done to deserve such a day of misfortune.

Maybe you are due an energy cleanse, maybe just maybe all that pent up energy isn't all yours anyway and it's time to regroup and release in order to centre and come back to self ?.

You see if you think about everything in terms of energy rather than matter you can look at things in a totally different light.

Have you ever seen a heat wave? On a boiling hot day you can see wavy energy lines of heat radiating up above the pavement or a car or the horizon. Now human beings are made up of such energy, let's imagine we are standing on a shop floor (the place we forgot to get the milk!!) There's lots going on, lots of passers by trying to get things done, thinking about their day, what they need to do, perhaps they are content, perhaps they had a disagreement with their daughter before she went off to school , there are endless truths and scenarios. 

Now imagine all those people as energy and not matter. They are wavy lines, possibly colours and their energy is in constant movement, rising, falling, and shrinking in on itself, expanding depending on who they are and what they are thinking.

You too are made up of these wavy lines and you are merging in and out of space that doesn't belong to you, just as all these other energies are coming into your aura in the same way.

Do you see how easily we absorb the energy fields of those around us? Words, thoughts, they all carry their own frequency and we are at a consistent merging.

We often treat ourselves too harshly but think about the amount we absorb on a daily basis!!

After such a day of misfortunes run a hot bath or shower and reacquaint yourself with the real you, water is a wonderful healer, cleanser, friend to our energy system, submerse yourself in its power to re-energise and come face to face once more with your own power 

And if you do have a cat and you happened to fall over it! Give it a cuddle as animals by the way unlike the complicated human resonate at an extremely high vibrational frequency that is akin to the angelic realm! 

Whether cleansing yourself or your living space remember that everything around us moves at its own frequency and vibration, to clear these spaces brings about a clarity and fresh hope that no being can do without.

Set an intention for such clarity and new hope and you will truly motivate your way to freedom of joy and fulfilment 

I'm ready to take your calls so I may have to continue this inspirational blog as there are so many countless ways to put motivation into practice....For now however you can call upon Archangel Metatron to assist in inspiring you to motivate and energise just call on his energy to help you begin your journey into clearing the ground.......

Love Zoë xx

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