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Cleansings And Protections

Cleansings and Protections

You will hear some people in the spiritual world talk about cleansing and protections. There are many types out there, but the one which resonated with me the most was the following.

First, see yourself as a vessel that energy pours through. This includes positivity and negativity.  Our chakras can become blocked by negativity and need a bit of an “Empty” every now and again.

First of all you have to do the cleansing as there is no point locking in the negativity when you do the protections. What I love about this cleansing and protection method is that you can actually see it in front of your own eyes.

Please stand or sit upright with your eyes shut.  You should see behind your eyelids. The colours will appear dark and perhaps a bit murky.  If you see purples/blues and whites then this is a good sign. It means you are not that “full” of the negative energies.

Then, repeat this request to the universe: “Send down the blue and violet light of cleansing to cleanse me and my environment of all negative energies and return them to Mother Earth to turn the negatives into positives”

That’s the easy bit. 

Now, imagine the blue and violet light coming through the crown of your head.  Shoot the light down to the tips of your toes and then slowly fill your body with the blue and violet light upwards as like a glass filling with water. 

As the light travels up from your toes you will find that at certain points, normally the chakras, the light stops and behind your eyes it is very murky. Keep cleansing and then the colours behind your eyes will turn blue/violet as the chakra is cleansed.

Bring this light to the top of your head internally and once you are happy that you have cleansed it all (and you will know you have as the colours behind your closed eyes are blue and violet) shoot the blue and violet light out the top of your head and in a circular motion go all around your body. Do this from the top of your head, down your front, under your feet and up your back.  Do this time and time again all around your body until the light is again blue and violet.

Once you are happy with this, shoot the light to the floor for Mother Earth to take the negativity, then say a few words of thanks to the Universe.  

Now it is time for the protections. Creating the protections takes much the same form as the exercise above, but with a couple of differences.  The colour of the light and the final actions are different, but the rest is the same.

Repeat this request to the universe: “Send down the white light of protection, to protect me and my environment from all negative energies.”

Stand or sit upright. Imagine a white light coming down from the universe and entering the top of your head. Shoot this light to the tips of your toes and start filling your body up with it, just as you did the violet and blue light of cleansing.

Behind your eyes you will still see the blue and violet lights, but now you will start to see white edging in. Let the white light come in totally before moving the light up your body from your feet. Continue this all the way to the internal side of the top of your head. 

Once you are happy that the inside is all protected (you will know as behind your eyes is swirling white) bring the light out of the top of your head, down your front, under your feet, up your back and over your head down the front again. 

Do this repeatedly all around your body until you are happy you are totally protected. 

Once you have finished, shoot the light back to the universe and say a few words of thanks to the universe.

I hope these simple cleansing and protection helps.


Shelly - PIN 600333

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