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Emma Rose

Choose You

Fill up your own cup!

No, this is not about being selfish, not by any means, but we cannot keep over-spilling our own cup if we are not taking a drink first.

Are you the type of person who believes that if you keep giving, one day “they will see you”? Or one day “it will be your turn”?

If we keep giving to be seen, loved, and accepted, it will never work. As cliched as it sounds, only you can give those things to yourself. People will start to automatically give and show you the things that you most crave when you ultimately give them to yourself.

It sends out a wave of self-respect when you tell the world, and moreover show the world, you love, see and accept yourself. There is only one you in the world, even though they say we have doppelgangers, there is only one you! There is only one you that has your genetic make-up, your thoughts, your history, your dreams, your ideas, the way you love, the way you create, your personal likes and dislikes, everything that makes you, you and more – there is only one unique you!

So, start filling up your own cup first and see how the world changes around you. You are enough – drink first! 

Emma Rose

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