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The Strength of Humility Vs Spiritual Arrogance

Humility.  How many of us perceive humility as a weakness?  Not me!!  True humility is a super strength that people who have emotional intelligence display.

Those that display humility stand by their convictions, showing courage and authenticity.  This comes from being an old soul and from learning those life lessons that have led to the wisdom they exude. They have gone through their own spiritual awakening and see things from a very different perspective of those that are spiritually arrogant. 

Those that are humble and display humility do not see anyone as greater than them, nor lesser, but as equal.  They do not see themselves as the great ‘teacher’ who all should listen to, they see themselves as having plenty more to learn, not the front of all knowledge.  They respect all and disrespect no one. 

Real humility is acknowledging our own flaws and being honest with ourselves, then changing those flaws so we become even wiser and more spiritually awake.  This is about our own spiritual journey and humility is something that we find as we awaken more. 

Now spiritual arrogance is the flip side. 

Those that are spiritually arrogant will make out that their words are all that you need to hear; that their way is the only way and that they know everything.  There is nothing more to learn. 

I chuckle to myself as I wrote that, how shallow is that vein thought?  There is always something more to learn…

By being this closed down, there can be no further spiritual development and I feel so sorry for those who cannot see this.  

You will easily spot someone who is spiritually arrogant as they are full of self; full of pride and think that they are the most talented person in the room.  They will not entertain their own narrative being questioned and will talk about themselves, not on about giving examples of how they have learnt, but talking about how good they are, how knowledgeable they are… how they know best.  

My advice if you come across someone who displays spiritual arrogance is to simply smile, be kind and gently walk away. 

We can only learn who and what we do not wish to be from someone who is spiritually arrogant, there is nothing more they can teach us.  

I know I talk about contentious topics at times, but it is only through that contention that we can recognise what is good and what is bad for us as individuals.   And besides all that, it is absolutely exhausting being around someone that thinks they are the smartest person in the room… 

Just a few things for you to ponder on.  


Shelly x 

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