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 Throughout life we all have choices to make. Some are small choices, mundane even. Choices like “What shall we have for breakfast?” But even choices like breakfast have an impact upon us.

“Aha” you ask, “Why would our breakfast choice would be of such importance?”

It is quite simple; if we have a cholesterol problem and choose to eat a fried breakfast then we are not making good choices for our health, choosing fruit would be a better option.

Breakfast is a small choice. We all have much bigger choices, some we are happy to make and some we know we should make but we fight with ourselves not to. Some choices we would say we had no control over. Yes, that may be true to some extent but if we look at the story behind the situation perhaps we would find an answer. As we move through life each choice we make impacts our thinking, feeling and actions because of our thoughts, feelings and reactions.

Making choices links to our chakra system and the emotional input that we hold within the energy. Our root chakra develops between birth and around seven years old. If it has not been nourished with the right energy, given the security, love and emotions that we need as human beings to feel grounded and able to be confident in ourselves then we will feel unable to make good decisions for ourselves.

This will be further compounded if the lack of care continues and so damages the sacral chakra – our sense of self – making it really difficult to be positive about ourselves and what we are doing in our lives. The sacral chakra roughly develops from seven years old to fourteen years old, so you can see that these are vitally important times in our development.

There are of course other factors which directly impact our development, some more obvious than others. We absorb them as energies into our energy systems where they sit waiting within our unconscious for situations in our lives to come along and then the energy of hurt and pain springs into action and compounds whatever situation caused it to rise up. This can make it difficult for us to make a good decision for ourselves.

I have only talked a little about the root and sacral chakra here. I have not approached the other chakras for now because much of what we absorb in the beginning of life is not consciously thought about but often reacted or acted upon without recognition from ourselves and this of course is what we build our future thoughts, feelings and experiences on.

A major part of our thinking, acting and reactions is not from our own choosing. They are learnt, copied and unconsciously absorbed in our early years. They become “ours” when we actually stop, take the time to rethink ourselves.

Those who go through this process of rethinking themselves are mostly triggered when they experience trauma and reach a place in life where they feel they have nowhere left to go, and so they begin to re-examine who they are.

I will not say this is an easy process, it’s not. It is, however, the place where you begin to have freedom in every way possible in your life. As you find out truthfully what you really think and feel about people, things and situations you will find that your whole outlook changes. People you have known all your life, family, colleagues become transparent as you “really see” them. It becomes easy to deal with situations simply because you know what you want and what you don’t want and as you become more grounded and confident you are able to say so in a clear way.

Part of expanding and growing on your journey through life is to honestly examine why you think the way you do and why you feel the way you do. Instead of expecting anybody else to change it, change it yourself – The reward of confidence, security and a deep knowledge that you are you because you choose to be.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle

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