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Anya P

Chapters in Life

Do you believe you are destined to meet the right one? It is wonderful but not that common for people to have been blissfully married for 60 years or more.  The dictionary meaning for destiny is “something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing, lot, or fortune. The predetermined, usually inevitable, or irresistible, course of events”. This is, of course, assuming a greater power than ourselves has set the path out for each of us and our destiny is the end result. 

So, are we destined to meet certain people in our lives? This is true for whatever reason. Events can sometimes be long and winding for a set individual to become entwined in your life's journey.  The big BUT, however, is that they are not always the knight in shining armour or the ultimate goddess. In fact, they may be far from perfect.  Is it then our destiny to stick with this person for good or bad?  The simple answer is no. We all have choices that are still part of that predefined path. 

Take, for example, that you meet and fall in love with a partner, it feels like it is part of your destiny, and it is, it is a life changing moment. You could not have changed that destined event, but that may be only part of the bigger journey, a chapter in your book of life.  You may get married, and it falls apart eventually.  Your partner may be a cheater, liar or worse.  So, are you destined to stick with him/her?  No of course not, but lessons may have been learned, children may have been born, knowledge will have been gained and so for whatever reason that period in your life was meant to happen.  Destiny can be far from ideal.  Destiny is all about chapters, ups and downs but all the time setting the ‘meant to be’ events in motion. 

There is not a genuine psychic out there who can see your WHOLE life plan outright like a map. Some things are unseen as events are triggered and ‘seemingly’ alter the course of your destiny, but they are always part of it and with hindsight in the future you will be able to look back and see why. Destiny and timing are like soul mates, one depends on the other.  

So, remember, if your life isn’t going the way you wish it was just now, it is simply a chapter in your book of life and there is still plenty to read yet! 

Love Anya P x

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