Guest Speaker


 Changes are going on around us all the time. We often wish things would stay the same, we don't always feel ready for change, but change is, unfortunately, inevitable.

Our frame of mind is often the key to this. How we think and view things has a profound effect on our lives. The same situation can be viewed very differently by two or more different people, or even the same person on a different day. Do you just lie down and wait for things to happen to you, or are you proactive; taking matters into our own hands? Try not to lie down and accept the things you don't want in your life. Embrace change, embrace it to the extent that you actually instigate it if possible. You'll then feel more in control of the situation, which may well be half the battle. If we feel in control, or that we have some sort of control, it makes us feel less at the mercy of other people or situations. We may feel less vulnerable and less of a victim.

 This is when we need time to sit up and grab a situation with both hands. Make it work for you, change your actions or viewpoint if necessary, but don't think of this as failure, rather as compromise to help make a better future. This is a transition period. It's needed in order to make way for better things to come. Out with the old and in with the new, that sort of thing. Be flexible and you'll be rewarded in the long run.


Just wanting something isn't enough, we have to actually "do" something to try and get it too. Some people appear to have everything, but we don't see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that helped them to get that position in the first place. Yes, some people may have a head start over others, more doors have been opened for them or more opportunities may have been presented to them. I'm not saying everyone starts on an equal footing, but at the same time it's no good just sitting there moaning about things if we're not actually doing anything to try and get to the position we want to be in.


Sometimes you need to let others help you. Look for ideas and inspiration from other people, and generally don't just struggling on alone. If you have a goal that seems out of reach and you can't work out how to get there and achieve your ambitions, look and see if there is a middle ground somewhere. Is there a stepping stone (or several) to help you along the way? We need to look at the inter-connectedness of everything, learn from other's experiences and listen to advice gained by those who have already been this way.

Rather than one big jump, we often find that getting from A to B involves a series of smaller steps, and we need to try and remember this now. Yes, it can be frustrating feeling as though things are taking too long as we want to get to our destination as soon as possible, but look at it another way.....we want to get there. If we rush and don't listen or learn along the way we may never get there. Better to get there slowly than not at all.

This is a gentle nudge to remind us that if we want to do something, we really do have to "do" it. It's all well and good talking the talk, now we have to start walking the walk too.



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