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Remembering how to connect with your powerful spiritual self

Whatever kind of lifestyle you have and whatever beliefs you feel about spirituality it is important to remember you can connect with your source of power at any time no matter what challenges you may be facing in your life and also to replenish empower and balance all aspects of your body mind. This is not a form of escapism or a distraction from what is happening but a remarkable way of reconnecting with a part of ones being that often gets neglected and in a consumerist world becomes undervalued.

There are tools you can equip yourself with to gather this experience of wholeness and feel the effects instantly…. you know how you wash every day? You do not think twice about needing to do it  Its similar with any spiritual practice it needs to be done regularly to really get into the desired space and the more you do it the deeper it becomes and nurtures you in an instant

You can do the following whenever you feel lost or upset, isolated and disconnected and whenever you need to give to yourself after a day of giving out too much to others!

So let’s start now by bringing awareness to the body, to this moment right now….. I will share 5 easy ways to realign with your spiritual aspect

Earthing your self

1 Take of your shoes and feel the ground beneath you, ideally the actual earth but whatever the ground is for now notice how it feels. This is a way of grounding your body to the source of earth energy, Earth energy is very calm slow and revitalizing do you notice this frequency as your feet feel the floor? How is your connection to the Earth? How do you touch the ground? Explore these sensations as if it was the first time.

Connected Panic Breathing

2. Sitting comfortably eyes closed. Notice your breath with the mouth closed. Slow the breath down and feel its quality as it enters and leaves your body through your nostrils. Keep the breath connected and deep so in breath through the nostrils breathing from deep belly right up to the chest through the throat and then let go through the nostrils. Do not pause so keeping the breath connected you can imagine a figure eight the infinity sign as you do this. Stay with it for 15 minutes and allow any sensations or emotions to arise remembering not to pause stay with the breath. This exercise is powerful in many ways as we do not just take in oxygen through the breath we also take in Prana , the universal life force and the connected breath pattern ensures the sub conscious mind and the conscious mind work in harmony.

Tuning in

3. Choose your favorite relaxation music for this one. Sit comfortably spine straight. Notice your breath and once you have gone within, eyes closed say to yourself, ‘’higher self, guide and connect’’. Bringing your awareness to the space between your eyes. Deepen your breath and repeat ‘’higher self guide and connect’’. Notice your responses and feel into the space around your physical body expand your energy field. If any images arise or a color even a sound or message  give thanks and open your eyes slowly.Write down anything relevant .You can do this when you have a particularly challenging day ahead, need to speak out to someone or any time you want to give to yourself this wonderful opportunity to align with your essence.

4. Power Purification Ritual

This beautiful exercise is so nurturing and has saved me from carrying any static from others that was not mine when I for whatever reason absorbed it into my energy field!Burn your favorite oil or incense . Fill a bucket with water and sea salt. Not table salt with nasty chemicals in it but good quality salt. Two teaspoons will be enough. Put your feet into the water and close your eyes. The salt draws out physical toxins from the body and the emotional/energetic counterpart. Give your feet this healing bath at least once a week and especially when you feel some one has used you as a dumping ground for their charged emotions! Salt is what keeps the sea held onto the planet it is a powerful  thing think of the saying ‘’salt of the earth’’  and even the term salary comes from the word salt and you may of heard in History classes how salt was used as a currency long ago!  Don’t underestimate the power of this beauty that we take for granted…. When you let go of the static of the day it is easier to feel the positive energy of your spiritual body.

5 Visualizing my spirit guide

Find a peaceful place to sit. Become aware of the ground beneath your feet; try to energetically push into the ground. Scan your body for any tension and let it melt into a ray of blue color. Now become aware of the space between your eyes. Gently call in your spirit guide. This guide wants to come and meet you. What color can you see or comes to you? You do not need to try hard or force this meeting it is happening .Spend some time in the presence of your guide. Allow your guide to give to you exactly what you need right at this moment. Take a deep breath and drink a glass of water. Write down anything you felt.

Being in nature is a way to connect and recharge, there are many ways and none are wrong! You will find a way that works best for you by exploring and experimenting….. Give to yourself the gift that is your birth right and that you can love yourself with.

Love Light Peace Gratitude




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