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Caring For Your Aura

In this month’s blog, I would like to take another look at auras; this time focusing on how we as individuals can care for our own aura. It is believed that there is a connection between our Chakras and our aura. As you may know the Chakras are energy centres that influence our glands and therefore ultimately govern both our physical and emotional well-being. Our journey of self-improvement and self-healing should begin by exploring these links. Most people’s auras contain one or two dominant colours and quite often these will be the individual’s favourite colour or even as a result of the professional path they have chosen, for example a Medium would have a lot of violet in their aura and a doctor may have a large amount of green.

D.I.Y test to check out aura deficiency.

This is a simple, cheap and yet effective way of testing out your own aura to determine which colours you are deficient in.


You will need to buy a packet of felt tips; they need not be expensive but must contain all of the following colours.  Then when you feel the need, lay them out on a piece of black card, or cloth, (a piece of bin liner will do fine for this) Sit quietly and focus on their colours, try not think about them, just focus upon them, allowing your subconscious mind to draw you to the colour that your spirit craves the most. This will be the colour that you are deficient in, (a little like the cravings in pregnancy that indicates the nutrients required, by the body) Now you know which colour, use the following guide to see what this means for your emotional state;

Red (Base Chakra) feelings of both emotional and physical frustration. Impatience, aggression and pent up rage.
Orange (Sacral Chakra) feeling drained. Putting the needs of others before your own needs.
Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) Insecurity & restlessness. Continued state of   pessimism and negativity.
Green (Heart Chakra) imbalance, lacking in harmony. In need of healing.
Blue (Throat Chakra) needing clarity. Unable to voice your needs. Indecisiveness and lacking in judgement. stressed.
Indigo (Third Eye Chakra) blockages in intuition and spiritual connection.
Violet (Crown Chakra) lacking in spirituality, confusion in chosen spiritual paths, self-doubts.

Once you have identified the colours you have a deficiency in, try the following tips to amend this. Remember that your aura is made of pure energy and as such is in a constant flux of change. Try visualizing on the colour required whilst meditating. You can also look back over previous blogs for specific colour visualizations.

Caring for your aura

* Meditation is a really effective way to care for your aura.  To be effective it should be practiced daily. So find a nice quite place, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Just allow yourself to concentrate on your breathing, try to see each breath as an intake and release of the colour you need.  Did you know that mediation is now medically recognised as part of the aftercare prescribed for heart patients?

* Clear quartz is an effective tool in restoring energy and is excellent in boosting your aura.  Try sitting quietly with a piece in each hand, feel the prisms of colour flowing from the crystal into your palms and then up through your body and outwards through the layers of your aura.

* Nature contains all of the colours of the rainbow in their most natural state. Try to spend some time, reconnecting with nature. Take a walk by a body of water, hug a tree, or simply feel the grass beneath your feet. Don’t just go outside, you need to focus on connecting, not just with your eyes but with touch as well. Stop and allow yourself to touch all the different textures. Try to engage all of your senses and live in the moment. Aim to become one with nature.

I have now come to the end of this blog; I hope you have enjoyed our journey into auras. Remember that with practice you will learn to identify the colours of your own aura, and will be able to use this as an invaluable way of assessing your own well-being. It is a good idea to start a journal and jot down what you feel, and if you take the test, what it reveals about you and how you put the deficiency right. Remember this is your personal journey and there are no hard and fast rules, except that you must learn to listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. Keep your pens safe as next time I will show you how to give yourself a quick and easy colour reading.  Love and light until next time.

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