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Being Psychic

I’ve never written much about my experiences as a natural psychic, mostly because at a young age I developed the skill to put my walls up and from the age of 10 I could dip in and use my powers at will, usually through the medium of Tarot, as Tarot is my preferred tool.

However today I write about the things my clients can’t see, other than my accuracy in readings and intuitive skills there are other things that happen to myself and to my family that at times may be frightfully funny or just plain old frightening.

Most of us get a funny feeling before the phone rings, or can be walking through town thinking of a friend we haven't seen in a long time, and out of the blue, there they are, most of us brush off these feelings as coincidence, if you ask me I call this natural psychic ability, in a very low form of course, I do not mean that to sound patronizing in any way, but after a few of my hair raising experiences I believe I can be so bold.

Alarm ClockFor instance, I became the butt of a family joke recently, it was very early in the morning and I was in a very deep sleep, my partner awoke in a panic as our clock battery had died and our phones were off, "What time is it?" came the shout that woke me, and in my half dream state I semi consciously said, "It’s 6.43 in the sodding morning go back to sleep", with that I heard the Nokia theme tune as I turned to get back to dream land and my partner hurriedly tried to check the time, it was 6.44am in the sodding morning, so I guess I caught that one on the cusp, the funny thing is I had no Idea id done it until I got back home from work and it came up over dinner, the following morning my partner was prepared, phone in one hand and my alter gong on the other, with one crashing bang that nearly made me hit the ceiling, I screamed " why the hell are you getting me up at 6?" and then it dawned on me. "Let me see your phone?” and right in front of my eyes, the digits changed from 5.59 to 6.00am. I'm not telling you my new nickname though.

Other than that I have a rather strange ability to be able to foresee bad news, I always see the same two figures, the silhouettes of a male and a female police officer, they stand shoulder to shoulder and immediately I get a cold shiver and begin to wait for signs of bad news, and believe me when I  tell you, the only four times I have seen them, they have been followed by death in the family or close friends, sad but true, not everything in a psychics life is sunshine and roses, as a consequence we really have to take the rough with the smooth, some of you might say " why do it then?", my only answer to that question is that I enjoy helping people, and don't get the opportunity in my day job.

ChapelThere are exiting times too, I once had a dream that I was walking around a chapel, The door was amazing with medieval fittings and a sliding peep hole, the main entrance was what you would expect, a vase of plastic flowers and a collection tin, but the furniture was wrong, there were cosy chairs where the pews should be, and a red and black 1970s carpet, there was a TV on the alter and where the candles should have been on either side there were two electric lamps with vintage lamp shades, the windows were still stained glass and the structure was that of any chapel, only not, then as I turned the corner, there was a kitchen sort of squashed into a corner, a very modern kitchen, as I walked though to what would have been the vestry, I spotted the back door, and I could hear a scratching noise, I pulled it open and a black cat darted into the building, at that moment I awoke, and told my partner all about the dream, It was our joined day off and as I made the coffee, the phone rang.

It was my friend Claire, she told me that she was going to see a converted chapel house and would I like to come along, with the biggest lump in my throat I passed the phone to my partner and asked Claire to repeat what she had just said! my partner stared at me in shock, and within half an hour we were on our way to meet Claire, when we arrived in the huge drive way, the door was exactly what I had seen in my dream , and on going inside, well it was the same carpet, there was only one of the cosy chairs and no alter, although the TV was under the east window so I'm guessing that's that I saw, with that Claire said "Wait till you see upstairs" at the top of the stairs there was the most amazing stained glass window, after a while my partner and I headed for the kitchen as we could hear Claire on the phone,  as we entered she hung up, looking rather disappointed  "What’s wrong?" we asked, concerned at the look on her face, "Well guys, its a listed building!” came her reply, "Come on Claire”, I’d give a leg to live here “What’s wrong with it?" She tossed her hair over her shoulder, pointed to the front and back door and said, "No cat flaps, it’s in the agreement!"

I could have kicked myself and saved us all allot of time, if only I had the time to think about what I saw, but there you have it, the true nature of the beast, so we have our ups and downs, our good times and our bad times, and times when it would seem that the road has run out and somebody has switched off all the lights, I suppose that's why were here as psychics, little lights in the dark that can help you find your way back to the centre so you can carry on with your journey.

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