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Animal Attraction

Summer is here. If it feels like Noah’s Ark, don’t fret. A new companion animal is good company!

Whether you cuddle up with your cat or dote over your dog, your pet choice might be a sign that you’ll be as social as a horse or as fussy as a bird. Take this quiz to find out exactly how your pet style can reflect your personality and compatibility with animals and humans.

1. A stray cat is on your doorstep. You…

a) Look for its owner.

b) Bring it inside and feed it.

c) Flee from it.

d) Spot it and don’t look away.

2. A perfect time at the zoo includes…

a) Ogling the bears.

b) Hanging out at the lion cage.

c) Going to the aviary.

d) Hanging out with the zebras.

3. A stranger mentions her dog to you, and you respond with…

a) “What kind is it?”

b) “I love furry four-leggers”

c) “Is it a retriever?”

d) “Would it like a ranch-style home?”

4. Your idea of a perfect outdoor event is…

a) Playing Frisbee.

b) Watching a Baseball game.

c) Bird watching in the park.

d) Attending rodeo.

5. Your favourite indoor event is…

a) Dancing

b) Playing couch potato

c) Garden starting

d) Working

6. Your favourite type of music is…

a) Pop/Rock

b) Classical

c) Reggae

d) Country western

7. You turn on Animal Planet and think out loud…

a) “I hope something action-oriented is on”

b) “Is it time for “The Dog Whisperer?”

c) “They should air footage of smaller, warm-blooded animals”

d) “I’d rather watch a classic western”

8. When a lost puppy is on the highway, you…

a) Rescue it.

b) Stop ASAP and look for its ID tags.

c) Look and drive around it.

d) Guide it off the road and let it roam free.


Once you get a handle on your pet lifestyle, you can use these data to find out if you’re compatible with a dog, cat, bird, or horse (or all of them!), and who your perfect human love match will be. But take note that while these are typical traits of people who have animals, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Mostly “A”s Dog Person

This type of person is like a lovable puppy or adult pooch, so get ready for unconditional love—giving or taking. You are eager to please people and pets. But caution: a dog person can be possessive. Tip: Learn to let yourself, your pet, and your loved one enjoy life’s simple pleasures without inhibitions or harsh judgment.

Mostly “B”s: Cat Lover

An intelligent man or woman tends to gravitate toward felines, intelligent animals from head to paw. To keep yourself, cat, or cat-loving mate amused, learning how to go with the flow of cat-and-mouse behaviour is part of finding balance in life. Tip: Dump a strict routine or rules, and don’t boss around your cat or cat-loving mate.

Mostly “C”s: Bird Man/Woman

An individual, who tends to feathery critters, from lovebirds to pigeons, can be sensitive and intriguing. You, your bird, or your mate might be visual and enjoy pampering and plenty of attention. Tip: Grooming is part of the bird-loving package. That means keeping up appearances for you, your bird, and bird-loving mate.

Mostly “D”s: Horse Gal/Guy

A horse person tends to be drawn to this four-legged creature known for its patience and determination. Horses have keen vision and smell, and enjoy companionship, exercise, and stimulation — much like the people who adore them. Tip: Enjoy that total sense of wild freedom when out riding and unconditional love with your horse, and horse-loving mate.


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