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Sit on your ass?


Save that for meditation


Asana are postures, positions, movements and stretches designed to oxygenate the body, improve circulation and release tension in order to prepare the body for periods of sitting in meditation

(if you want to sit in meditation afterwards)

?Each posture ends in the suffix asana (pronounced ass-na)


tadasana (mountain pose)

savasana (corpse pose)

balasana (child's pose)


Where to start/how to start?

If you're up for going to classes then go for it.

?If not then but you're still interested, start with some intuitive self exploration. Be honest with yourself and where you're at right now

It's a whole journey about awareness of breath, body, mind, spirit and soul.

Each session will be different because the body is ever evolving and changing.

Start simple and start basic.

Have space and time.

If you know you've only got 10 minutes, then keep it simple, maybe focus on one or two poses

Rule of thumb is keep it simple :)

?Grab a towel or yoga mat and go for it

Start moving your body in different positions that are comfortable for you

Hold for as long as is comfortable with grace and ease


Come out of each pose just as comfortably with grace and ease.

?A good stretch will give you that aaaaahhh,

“This feels so good, it's stretching, it's lengthening, it's releasing, but not hurting" feeling

You'll know when you've had enough because that sensation will change.

Pain and OUCH and pinching is not a good stretch!

Why do that to your body, find a counter stretch.

We have over 600 muscles in the body so there are plenty of options!


Muscles work in pairs so if you are stretching (relaxing) one muscle you are automatically contracting (tightening) another muscle.

If we are out of balance then some muscles will be weak and overstretched while others will be strong yet  understretched

Rounded shoulders for example can be a result of relaxed upper back/shoulder/neck muscles and tight chest/shoulder/neck muscles.


You'll start to learn things like...

Where you are flexible

Where you are tight

Why you are tight or flexible in those areas due to your lifestyle habits

How much you repeat certain actions daily with the same muscles, with the same side of your body. 

Adjust poses to suit you.

You don't have to do it exactly by the book.

It's just a guideline.

Someone must have come up with those poses.

Why not come up with ones that suit you?

?Then if/when you feel ready to go to a class, you'll 


  1. a) have more confidence in knowing what your body is capable of and not overdoing it
  2. b) be surprised at the similarity of what you have been doing and the asanas being presented
  3. c) be open to trying new Asana


The beauty with A your boat!

Much love,

Charnjit xx

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