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Angel Arcana: The Story Begins

Chapter 0 - The Fool (Trust)
A Wonderful Opportunity

You’ve set off on your journey at break of day, with so many people ahead to meet and intriguing places to go. It has been a long overdue trip. ‘Better late than never,’ you say to yourself as you pack your bag!

Set the scene in your head now as you begin to walk down that quiet country lane. You might appear to an onlooker to be a lone traveller, but your guardian angel stays close by as you venture forth.

There’s always something refreshing about that first step of a new journey. You step out now with enthusiasm. You feel the softness of the grass under your feet and a gentle breeze brushes across your face like gossamer, or is it an angel’s wing?  The sunshine warms your skin and the beautiful sound of birdsong fills the expectant air with the promise of good things to come.

You have a map. Indeed, you have studied your map for a long time, selecting a particular route so as to avoid potential obstacles, but destiny has different plans for you.

The lane, lovely as it is, does seem to go on endlessly in the same direction, and you are already beginning to long for something rather more challenging. Well, your wish is about to be granted!

Your guardian angel flutters at your shoulder for a moment in surprise, as a bright figure suddenly springs forward from a gap in the hedge! A figure, like a whirling windmill of red, blue, green, and yellow comes fearlessly cart-wheeling closer and closer, stopping suddenly in front of you.

Smiling broadly, the character’s face is a picture of innocence and childish glee. The bells on his jester’s hat jingle, and he grasps a beautiful white rose in one of his hands, a rose of innocence and truth, and in the other hand a white feather. What an intriguing and unusual sight! Oh to be like that again you think, footloose and fancy free with not a care in the world.

This is the Fool, the first character in our journey. He is here to take you away from your chosen path, into the excitement of the unknown. Isn’t that what you secretly want?

It’s an unfamiliar path you’ll travel from now on, but with so much more potential. Go on, it’s time for you to take the initiative and be different. Be individual. Be the Fool!  It’s a wonderful chance to take a new journey, and although he’s now inviting you to follow an unknown route that makes you feel a shade apprehensive, fear not, this change of direction will lead you to remarkable places. Take that great leap of faith!

If you don’t follow the Fool, you’ll be back on that long predictable country lane. Go on, step through that gap in the hedge and celebrate your new route. You’ll never be the same again, and doesn’t that feel fantastic!

The Fool suddenly hops, skips and jumps off into the distance, leaving you standing alone. Your angel smiles and chuckles quietly. You have no idea what’s coming up next.

(To be continued).


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