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Angel Arcana: The Secret Journey - Part 2

Angel Arcana .Your Secret Journey An adventure through the Major Cards of the Tarot Deck, in which you may like to reflect upon the message within each card and what it means to you personally. Now we meet The Magician. This card asks ‘Are you concentrating? Have you got everything under control? Have you got confidence? Of course you have! The Magician tells you quite categorically that you have all the abilities required to reach your goal. Use your willpower, focus your energy on the task in hand and you will succeed’. Chapter 1 (The Magician – Manifest!) Abracadabra! The morning sun shines down a little more brightly now, and you feel an unfamiliar lightness of step. The new route ahead suddenly looks rather inviting, and you are so glad you’ve taken advantage of this unexpected change of plan. For a while it is plain sailing and you enjoyably follow your new path with ease. It’s interesting. You can see new and different sorts of plants and birds. Even the sky seems brighter and more vibrant. But as time passes you begin to feel a little insecure. Have you been rash and foolish? Was it a mistake or was it wise to have followed the advice of the Fool? Doubts begin to set in and you decide to rest. The stone wall you lean against is hard and rough, and you think how good it would be to have its unmoving strength, standing up strong in all weathers against the elements. In its warm shelter you fall asleep. When you wake you see a majestic looking figure walking slowly down the hill towards you. He walks with confidence and is absolutely sure of his footing and direction. His confidence shines out like the sun coming out from behind a cloud on a dull day. He looks inspirational! As he gets closer you can see that he wears a cloak. His fine garment is covered in the signs of the zodiac, stars and moons alike. The material is a deep penetrating blue, and the celestial ornamentation upon it shines and sparkles with magic and mystery. This is the Magician and he wears his cloak with pride and pleasure. He has undoubtedly earned it! He suggests that you are looking a shade subdued, and that you are very much in need of a diversion. You need something amazing to motivate you and pull you out of your lethargy. His dark eyes shine as he anticipates his ‘magic’ and your impending reaction to his mesmerizing skill and wizardry. Without further ado, from under his magnificent cloak he whips out some wonderfully diverse and finely crafted objects. He presents for your visual delight, an ornate shining golden chalice, a strong slab of stone in the shape of a five-sided pentacle, a wooden wand sprouting with fresh green leaves and a long sharp metal sword which glints in the fading sunlight. You are momentarily blinded by its brilliance. Upon the grass these items now sit, and then with pure willpower and an unmoving belief in his finely tuned abilities, the Magician levitates them all a few inches above the ground! He is demonstrating the skills he’s learnt and honed to perfection over a long period of study and determined application. Through his ‘show’ he subconsciously urges you to see that strength of will in yourself too. You feel his message reaching you without any need of words. He is telling you to believe in your own personal abilities. Now is the time to have confidence. Harness your willpower. Focus yourself. Don’t be afraid, you do have the talents you need to succeed. Just believe in yourself. The Magician drinks from his chalice, offering you a sip of sweet nectar, and you set off refreshed with a renewed sense of personal belief. Of course you can do it, the Magician said so, and deep down you knew it all the time. You’d just let unnecessary doubts slip in, and forgotten just what you were really capable of. With that cheery thought you carry on towards the woodland ahead, and its pleasant shade invites you in. (To be continued). Previous chapters; Chapter 0 The Fool 6/3/15

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