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Am I Clairsentient?

Am I Clairsentient?

Have you ever experienced people coming to you as a go-to-person when it comes to gut feeling? Or can you feel other people’s feelings or next moves without having any interaction with them at all? Then you might possess clairsentient abilities.

Clairsentience is commonly defined as a “clear feeling”. It refers to the ability to feel the past, the present, and the future emotional state of other people, even without using any of the five senses- sight, smell, hearing, tasting, or touching. Intuition is another fancy name for being Clairsentient.

Individuals who are clairsentient have an ability to get psychic information through sensing and feeling the energies around them. Their ability also allows them to understand other people’s feelings, by tuning into them, a skill that is commonly known as telepathy. Clairsentients may also serve as a medium for people to connect to their dead family members and relay information, using their ability to feel. They act as sensory receptors from the spirits outside the physical world, connecting to those on the earthly realm by using impressions and emotions. These people can also feel another person’s feelings and emotions, enabling them to help in solving problems being encountered and further help in making a decision. 

So what do you do do if you believe you are indeed a clairsentient, gifted individual? The first is to embrace it as a gift. Understand different feelings and learn to be able to make your emotional and physical feelings clear. You can also talk with other people who also possess this ability. Practice meditation. Express yourself creatively or use this to do a job that you enjoy. Being clairsentient can be a good influencer in our world. It can lead you to a life with a gifted-purpose.

Think back to when you were younger. Did anybody ever tell you that you were overly sensitive or did you notice that you were easily upset by mild things? Maybe you are also a person who gets a strong gut feeling or an intuitive insight which you can't shake?

Another sign of being clairsentient is that being near somebody with a particular energy can make you feel uncomfortable. You may find you are not happy to be around somebody because the person gives off a particular vibe. This is indeed being a clairsentient person, because you have the ability to recognise these things.

On the other hand, a clairsentient person may themselves give off a bad feeling, making people around them feel the burden they are carrying of all the emotions of other people. Because of this, some clairsentient revert to alcohol or drug dependence to ease the heavy feeling that they have. But despite this, it is a gift, and if you know that it can be used or dealt with positively, then you will feel better about it.

Being a clairsentient is also very similar to being an empath as you have an ability to feel atmospheres and also pick up on other people's emotional state by absorbing their feelings. That's why if somebody is coming across as sad, it can make you feel an element of melancholy too. An interesting sign is that a clairsentient person can sense Animal spirits as well as human spirits and I find this particularly interesting.

So, next time you feel a sudden change of mood, it could well be because you are a clairsentient individual, which is amazing! When you tell somebody they will be shocked, but it's also a good thing to openly speak about with your fellow spiritual friends.

Thank you very much for reading. 

Chloe Saskia – PIN 600821

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