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In 2012 Ally was invited to work along side Derek Acorah on the 'Psychic & Science' stage tour at an event at Dudley Castle named 'Spookfest' in which Ally demostrated his abilities giving loving spiritual messages to a live audience of over 1200 people.
Ally has been in touch with his psychic abilities since the age of six and his first awareness of spirit was when he was around the age of nine years old, however at a young age Ally did not understand what was actually happening. To others around Ally during his childhood, he seemed distracted and showed within his behaviors that he was different to other kids. Ally even underwent tests by child psychologists which resulted in them putting it down to 'abnormal behavioral differences'. When Ally was within his very early twenties, he became more interested within the paranormal, the afterlife and began reserching the subjects. He used to go to graveyards, haunted locations on his own (as a few friends around him at the time thought it was a little strange and not to be messed with) to investigate the unknown. As the years went on Ally met like minded people to investigate further with and has created a few paranormal groups along the way. After gaining sound experience and knowledge as a Paranormal Investigator / Researcher, Ally decided to concentrate on his Mediumship as he could see, hear and sense spirit on many investigations. It was then Ally met a Spiritualist Minister & experienced Medium & teacher who invited Ally into their closed Mediumship Development Circle as Ally was unable to control his abilities and he did not fully understand how to use it correctly to its full potential. The Development Circle was very in depth, just like a college course with many hand outs, practical work, exams, theory work and covered many different aspects within Mediumship. Ally took what he needed from the Develpment Circle, created his own style of working with his spirit team and ventured forward into working as a Psychic Medium part time firstly then full time which he does today.
Working as a Medium, development never ends and Ally works hard with his guides developing further his ability within Trance Mediumship, an area of Mediumship that not all Mediums develop, however Ally does not class himself as a Trance Medium just yet. With that, Ally shows interests within Physical Mediumship and constantly tries to expand his knowledge within all aspects of Paranormal Study and Mediumship. Over the years Ally has worked on the development within Paranormal Experimentation, expanding original experiments and creating new ones which has led to his recent creation, The Spirit Vortex an experiment designed to hopefully manifest spirit in front of the naked eye. 
Working with his spirit team - Rena, Father Joseph, Buddy and Buba, Ally conducts Private Readings, demonstrates his Mediumship at Clairvoyant Events, Charity Events, Ghost Hunt Events and much more. Infact Ally has worked and is currently available to book as a Guest Medium for many Paranormal Teams within the UK.
Television:: In 2011 Ally was tracked down by 'Cellcast' the UK multi media production company of TV Show Psychic Today (Psychic TV) and invited to work with them as a TV Studio Psychic within their television studios which were located in Central London.  With that, Ally has appeared on over 40 LIVE TV shows viewed on SKY TV 886, Reality TV, Sumo TV, freesat and freeview, giving him over 240 hours of experience within LIVE Television Nationaly and throughout Europe. On the show Ally showcased his abilities working with his guides and also working on a Psychic vibration using variations of tools. With Ally's honest, refreshing and unique style, he inspired viewers all over Europe with his real words of wisdom and gave loving guidance to many people Nationally and Internationally during his many appearances on LIVE TV. Very quickly Ally became a popular known name and well respected Psychic Medium & TV Personality within the Industry, as he is to this day. 
"Ally is a fabulous psychic - I can only recommend him in the highest regard. Having had readings before with this gentleman he is always spot on, always frank and says it as it is in a down to earth and warm manner. I would most definitely regard him as one of the world's best psychics. I am very familiar with many top psychics globally and he is quite honestly up there with the best."
- Psychic Emily Rose, Nottingham UK
"Ally you were bang on with everything you have predicted so far. I am now seeing prediction after prediction unfold over the last few months since my reading with you. I am truly amazed by all that you predicted coming in. Well done you nailed it for me !! You have given me such help in seeing and dealing with whats ahead of me that I cannot thank you enough. Its taken time to manifest but my word you were right.Go on folks give him a call if you can catch him." - Linda, Highlands Scotland

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