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Alchemical Tarot of Marseille and The Tarot of The Sevenfold Mystery

Ask The Answer are very pleased to join forces with the esteemed Robert M. Place (, tarot scholar, teacher and creator of some truly amazing tarot decks! Robert has kindly provided two tarot decks for you to win: One copy of his newest deck, The Alchemical Tarot Of Marseille and one copy of the amazing 2nd edition of The Tarot of The Sevenfold Mystery. Gold edged, beautifully illustrated and with a perfect card thickness and size for comfortable reading, both 78 card decks would make a fantastic addition to any tarot reader's collection. Friend of Ask The Answer Victoria Moon Tarot has reviewed both decks, so you can get a taster of what each has to offer. Robert also has many more amazing decks and guides for sale at so don't forget to drop by his site to take a look!

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