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Previously we talked about as one door opened another one closes.  Energy flows in and out of our lives as we are energy; everything is energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

Sometimes people or situations need to happen such as relationships coming to a close in order for the fresh and NEW to come in, if this didn’t happen how would the new come in?  If you stayed in the same situation, the same circumstances time and time again, wouldn’t the same things remain static, playing like the same record, the same situation arising time and time again?  Are you resisting change?

I resisted change for many years and was unhappy and in some ways quite sad and lonely, although I had a family, including a husband and he had to all intensive purposes a continuing extra marital relationship after my son’s death, and a child born out of an ongoing affair.   I was in a marriage I felt secure and insecure, content in some ways and not others, happy with my children, my home, but carried on in a marriage as I did not wish to leave it, it was fear of the unknown, I did not want to disrupt my children and for some reason still felt a duty and loved my husband, I was told I was to blame, I knew I wasn’t but it resonated within.  Was this the way it had to be in order for me to finally move on, I often wonder? It was eventually the Kick start I needed!!!

However, when I did take the courage to confront my fears and leave, to LET IN THE NEW, new opportunities opened in a number of ways, when they were meant to and later on I went into a relationship with someone for a while but then that didn’t last either again, this was a bridge a stepping stone to where I needed to get to, but opportunities within my life were showing up, but it was up to me whether I decided to take them or not.  I even went back to college and then University and got a Hons degree.  It was when it was meant to be synchronicity not coincidence.

I used to believe that a relationship was for life, a friendship was for life, now I do still like that ethos, but I feel that there are many souls we come into contact with within our lives but some are temporary but have a lasting impact, some are permanent and here to stay, the same with relationships.

Moving on can of course be either a very traumatic period in one’s life or a very happy time depending on one’s point of view; however at the time in which it occurs in one’s life,  if one looks back 5 or 10 years later after the change, they may look at it quite differently and see it as the best thing they have done in their life; it appears like blocks and chains have been removed thus being free to choose what they wish to do and looking how far they have come as a person, how independent they are but not from a profession point of view but from a strength perspective; how they now look back on the changes in their life and what the difference those years have made to them and now whom has come into their lives in friendships and/or relationships.

It has often been said that I look through rose tinted glasses; yes sometimes I do, rather than recalling the negative aspects which of course I could if I wanted but why would I?  I still bump into my ex and hold no malice towards each other and get on well; now that is not the same for everyone, not everyone has a fairy tale ending, believe me mine wasn’t either.

I believe in not judging people and in turn people not judging me, we all have one thing in common and that is finding that connection to each other whether it be in relationships or friendships and that is the common denominator called `LOVE’.

The past has gone, all we have is the present the here and now and of course the future; our decisions affect our future; there are no guarantees in life, for our life in the physical of 100 years plus is indeed a small journey in the scheme of things within the Universe and we need to make the best of our lives and our energies. 

So, what is the use of storing anger and bitterness which is energy which I believe internalises and manifests within the body being out of balance and being ill at ease with its self, out of balance and dis-ease.

Therefore releasing blocks will be the next discussion on my next blog.

Looking forward to seeing you shortly ………..





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