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Anya P

A Solitary Christmas

Solitude and loneliness are two different states to be in. If you are alone this Christmas embrace it and make Christmas Day Special… for you!  

Remember that many people will be ‘having’ to spend time with people they don’t want to be with, for example, an unhappy marriage or difficult relatives. This can be even more lonely than within your own space doing what you want when you want.   

I can relate to this as the only members of my family remaining are my 3 adult sons. If, God forbid, they all moved away, I would be in that position of spending the festive season without sharing it with anyone.  So rather than suggesting what you should do, I will talk about what I would do. 

I would start with a lead-up to the big day. I would buy myself a couple of non-essential small gifts well in advance and then put them away to enjoy looking at on the day.  If money is an issue, there can be some great things to be found in charity shops and you can spend an enjoyable day browsing around.  Foodwise, I would treat myself to some special favourites i.e. that luscious lemon meringue pie that is normally out of bounds. Instead of a fast-fix-ready meal, I would consider cooking from scratch to make it more of an occasion. Christmas Eve, I would ensure I had fresh crisp bed linen on my bed and a favourite pair of PJs at the ready. Also, a comfortable outfit for the following day.

I can wake up on Christmas Day knowing that this isn’t just any other day. Today I am going to be thankful for what I do have and enjoy every minute of it. I don’t normally eat breakfast, but today it is Christmas, and a coffee with some toast and maybe scrambled egg is called for while I switch on the TV and begin to feel festive. I can plan the day maybe around a film that is worth watching, but I also have a new read with a book I bought especially for today.  Then it is time to enjoy a shower and slip into something comfy, put on my coat, and yes, go for a walk! Fresh air can be a tonic and there are always people about walking dogs. Smile and say Happy Christmas to everyone I meet, those return smiles and greetings warm the soul. Making my way home, I still have a lot to look forward to, cooking dinner, snuggling up with a book or watching a film, and of course that lemon pie! 

Happy Christmas everyone, life is indeed what you make it. I choose happiness. 

Anya P

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