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A Pocket Full Of Love

January is a difficult month for most. We put so much pressure on ourselves over the festive period, financially, physically and emotionally, it’s only natural that the initial excitement of starting a brand New Year with all good intentions is followed pretty quickly by a feeling of exhaustion and frustration. Many of our great resolutions and goals suddenly seem impossible to reach because we are simply exhausted!

So where do we get that much needed energy boost? The kind of boost we need to kick start us into talking those important steps towards fulfilling our hearts desires.

Here’s A Pocket Full Of Love with tips to help you through.

Diet: Firstly and simply look at your diet. Snack on fruit rather than high sugar/salt snacks and add more vegetables to your plate. Fruit and vegetables speed up your metabolism so that dinner won’t sit there in your stomach dragging you down all day. Cut out the sugary, starchy, refined, fatty foods that give a quick hit but in the long-term make us feel even more sluggish. Let’s face it, most of us overdosed on this stuff over the festive period and these fatty foods take so much energy to digest, what’s left for you?   Be kind to your body. Give your gut a holiday and it will thank-you by giving you more energy.

Alcohol: Reduce or remove alcohol. Those cheeky few glasses of your favourite alcoholic beverage on an evening may make you feel relaxed in the short term but the long-term effect of alcohol in your blood stream means it takes so much more energy to get started the following morning. Drink more water to flush those toxins out. We cleanse and hydrate our skin but we need to think about doing this internally too.

Sleep: Catch up on that sleep. There is so much wisdom in the old saying: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!” Sleep is a time for renewal and if you are not getting enough sleep know that you are waking each morning with a rucksack full of tired old aches and unresolved emotions on your back. Sleep well and wake up baggage free.

People: Sadly there are many folks out there who restore their own energy by taking it from others. They may not be aware they are doing this but you can be vigilant. Notice how you feel. Do you feel drained or energised after spending time with a certain person? Choose carefully who you spend time with especially at this time of year when most people are feeling low in energy. January is a festive feast for emotional energy drainers; make sure you are not on their menu!

Healing crystals: Crystals are energy! Different crystals vibrate at different speeds and emit different energies. If you’d like to invite the energy of love and clarity into your life in 2018 here are five little powerful crystals to pop in your pocket.


Rose Quartz: Opens the heart enabling you to receive love.

Malachite: Clears away painful memories to make way for new love.

Rhodonite: Radiates with forgiveness and clears bitterness.

Green Aventurine: Increases confidence & luck (good in the purse)

Citrine: Empowers, gives joy and brings success.

As you feel each stone in your pocket think of five things in your life you are grateful about. Then choose one stone and hold it in your pocket for a few minutes. Take your hand out of your pocket and look at the stone. Know that the stones qualities are what you need that day. If possible, grab a few minutes to yourself, close your eyes and meditate on an abundance of the stones particular quality entering your life. When you feel full to the brim start thinking about your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations and let the manifestation begin!

Wishing you all a year of everything you dream of and more.

Happy manifesting.

Love and light,




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