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A Piece Of The 2012 Puzzle

Life's PuzzleSo here we are again at Christmas time and in just a couple of days 2011 will come to a close and another new year will begin.  So what of 2012? Some say it’s the mark of the end (judgement day) but I say it’s a new beginning, a chance to see with fresh eyes and embark on the correct path.  2012 in numerological terms is a 5 which stands for versatility, variety, adventure and more importantly change.

Last year was about getting things in order and building foundations?  OK so maybe not seemingly firm.  Let’s say it has been a somewhat challenging few months for more than a few, similar to an earthquake of mass destruction?  I can already hear your doubts as 2011 having the numerological value of a 4 should show consistency, order, structure and so on.

Well I think we can all agree that the chaos has been consistent and building firm foundations means choosing the correct soil to restructure.  Still not convinced? So lets look at it another way.  Think of the situation being similar to a completed jigsaw puzzle and then suddenly someone comes along and stamps in the middle of it so all the pieces separate.  That same someone, who I am going to call ‘Mr Universe’, then grabs some of the pieces and tosses them high into the air only to be caught in a changing wind that alters their shape.  Now instead of all the pieces neatly fitting back together as before, the pieces have changed in shape creating a finished picture different to the original.

The pieces of the puzzle represent the elements of our life today and the edges of the individual pieces are our habits and patterns.  When all the edges meet and the picture is complete we have a foundation to act upon.  In order to meet the changes in 2012 it has been necessary to restructure and re look at the picture, create a new foundation. The chaos or ‘Mr Universe’ only comes in to shake things up, mix it up a little as we are not always willing to make the changes ourselves. 

We can easily stamp on the puzzle ourselves and some of us do but for those of us who choose not to it is only fear causing prevention and the conscious mind questioning whether it is too late to start all over again and why break something that isn’t broken? It still works, doesn’t it?   The picture is still visible just a bit worn that’s all.  Sound familiar?  No?

OK, so imagine the puzzle is a saucepan that has been used over and over again only it has never been cleaned. YUCK!! Well if some of you feel that you have been getting nowhere fast or stuck in a rut then hey! It’s time to get the scourer out and do the washing up. 

Life is for living isn’t it and 2012 is bringing that window of opportunity for us all to make the changes we need and live the life we really want.
First ask yourself what do you really want?  Now compile a list of the things you like to do or would do if you had the time or the energy.  These are your jigsaw pieces.  Now write a list of why you don’t do these things.  This will give you the jigsaw edges that at the moment do not fit.  Now write a further list of how your life would look if you were able to do these things.  This would be your new completed puzzle, picture or perspective.  Is this a picture of life as you would like it? If so then take positive action towards this by simply changing your thoughts from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Life is simply a series of moments or jigsaw pieces that move as quickly as a blink of an eye and some of them rare opportunities that have a one time effect.  ‘Once upon a time… Once in a blue moon… Once in a lifetime…’

The action you take may seem slight but the long term effects can be life changing so start today and make 2012 the most positive yet.  The only question that needs to be asked is do I want to?

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