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A Little Bit Of Self-Cleaning

A little bit of self cleaning

We have all had times in our lives when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and bogged down with life, people, work and often the inner working of our own minds!  In these times, many of us often turn to “spirituality” or alternative practices in an effort to ease the emotional and physical effects caused by these stresses.  You don’t have to be clairvoyant, psychic or any other cosmic title to carry out a bit of “Personal Self Cleaning” of the mind, body and spirit to feel the benefits.  They wont completely fix all of your troubles, but they may offer some mild relief and help clear your mind. 

Here are a few of my favourite ideas that I use when I feel a little energetically muddy!

Good old mother nature! 

Get some fresh air.  The more natural the space and the air the better.  Woods, beaches, cliffs, farmland or simply the park; anywhere that you can take some deep breaths of clean fresh air and breathe out all the stress and anxieties.   

No shoes.

Get your shoes and socks off and get your feel close to the earth (sensibly obviously!). Try it in the garden, on the beach, in a stream etc. Feel the earth, grass and sand between your toes.  The closer you are to the earth the more grounded you will feel and this will in turn bring your thoughts out of the clouds and back into reality.

Cave man style!

You can’t beat a good bit of fire. Have a bonfire in the dark and sit around watching the flames. You can’t help but feel warmed and hypnotised watching the flames. You could even do a little bit of decluttering and burn junk, old photos, memories that are maybe holding you back! Maybe write yourself a letter or list of what you want to get rid of and burn that. Set the intention of letting that go and watch it go up in smoke.  Again, only do this safely, obviously! No calls to the fire brigade just to add to your woes!

If this isn’t possible, try practising it on a smaller scale. Get yourself a nice scented candle and light that. You can buy “cleaning” candles that will combine various fragrances and plants renowned for their cleaning properties.

Water baby.

What do we do when something is dirty??  We wash it. Try a dip in the sea, a paddle in a stream, have a soak in a nice sea salt bath or even simply try and enjoy going out on the rain.  You could even take yourself off to the local pool for a swim.  The power of water is phenomenal and can be really invigorating.  It can wash away all manner of impurities, including tears.


Mr Moon

Like a lot of spiritually inclined people, I’m a big fan of the moon!  Sitting outside with a nice cup of coffee, hot chocolate or gin (depending on what kind of day I’ve had!) and looking up at the moon, especially on a full moon, can be really therapeutic. Letting the silver rays of the moon shine down somehow magically zaps away the worries and recharges the batteries ready for a good nights sleep.

You can’t fix everything, but just remember to look after number one and do a bit of emotional cleaning little and often to try and keep you clear of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and baggage.  The rest will sort itself out one way or another.

Love and blessings x

Brooke - 600968



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