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8 Unusual Signs That You Are Spiritually Gifted

8 Unusual Signs That You’re Spiritually Gifted

  1. You can sense energy all around the place, both positive and negative. When entering a room you may pick up a feeling that something bad or negative happened there. 
  2. You may find yourself very easily overwhelmed. You may find your more prone to stress and heartache if you haven’t trained yourself to be less sensitive to negative emotions
  3. You may find that your emotions affect your surroundings and vice Versa.
  4. If you’re gifted you may notice animals acting weird around you and they may randomly approach you. This is because they can sense kindness near you and it’s a comfort to them to be around you.
  5. People may approach you looking for guidance as well. Don’t be alarmed,  they simply sense that you may be able to help them
  6. You may find yourself waking up between 4 and 5. If this causes you anxiety, try meditation. It can be very soothing
  7. Nightmares and dreams seem very real. They may feel like premonitions to you, but don’t be scared, it’s just that while we are sleeping spirits can  approach us
  8. You’re very affected by the lunar cycles and you may find that you can’t sleep during full moons. Making a diary can help you understand yourself, your moods and your emotional state a lot better


Keeping a diary can be very useful for looking back at your experiences. You may be surprised at what you find and the patterns you discover.


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