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5 Power Keys To Be With 'The One'

5 POWER KEYS to be with “The ONE!"

Master Medium & Clairvoyant over 25 years, who recently joined a great team at "ASK THE ANSWER" Psychic Line. 

Below are 5 Power Keys to help you magnetize your "Divine Life Partner," or transform your current relationship.   My work has helped thousands worldwide to shift their vibrations to manifest and magnetize their true life partners as well as career paths, etc.  All   souls have   many "soul mates,"   both  male  and  female,  however  we  are  focussing on the   right  Divine  LIFE  Partner   that  one  has   a    soul  agreement  with  in  this  lifetime to fulfil  a  "higher purpose," to  evolve  together  and create a  better world to live in.  The power of 2 is far greater than 1 in terms of life missions.  


5 POWER KEYS to Be with "The ONE" Now! 


CLEAR the past relationship wounds and patterns.   Realize all relationships are reflections within you, to learn, evolve and aspire to "unconditional   forgiveness and love."   

Sometimes the wounds  of  past  relationships  are still there as scars in our cellular memory and  so  keep  repeating  as  outward patterns  of attracting the wrong  people into one's life,  like a  broken record.    Dissolve, delete the pattern and behaviour  will  shift  to  then attract  higher vibrational  relationships of  all  types into life, especially  your  "Divine Life Partner"   who  will  match  your   vibration  in  a   complete  loving,  balanced,  honouring, respecting way  that  has higher potential to be  long term happiness.

Forgive, Release and Bless all past romantic relationships, for they all helped you learn & evolve.

NOTE:    There are  many  techniques  to   "clear"  past  wounds  or   patterns,  including AS  Earth  is now  quickly  shifting into higher frequencies of  the  5th dimension, many "Divine Life  Partners"  are  coming together;  it is  Time. NOTE:   I have assisted clients with cellular reprogramming & Past Life Hypnotherapy.  


CREATE Harmony in ALL your other Life relationships, which will magnetize a Loving Partner. Every  relationship,  whether  it is  friendship  love,  family  love,  brotherly or romantic love,  brings  you  to  understanding and loving SELF unconditionally.  This also raises  your  vibration   to be a more "Conscious," person,  both  seeing  the   challenges   and  gifts  in life in a  more neutralized  way to  create and enjoy  a  more  harmonic  and  balanced  life.    When your life  is   filled  with more  joy,  integrity, contentment, peace, enthusiasm, and optimism,  new friendships,  activities, hobbies,  create  a  greater  magnetism  for  a  "Divine  Life Partner."    You  will  magnetize  to  you  that  which you  are   seeking  when  you  become  more  like  the  "one,"  you  are  seeking.   


MAGNETIZE with your Angels.   Everyone has their own Angel team around them,  so it’s time to get to  know  who your angels  and  spirit guides are  (often  family  members who have passed on are trying  to  help  you  connect  with  your  "Divine Life Partner."    These wonderful beings are trying to get communications through to  you   in  dreams.    Basically, they cannot do it for you, but rather guide you in ways   to   prepare and accelerate the  process.     Prepare to make changes in your life and home such as "making our closet, etc." to invite the new partner into your life (rose oil brings new Love).

Learn  to  meditate  and  call in your  ANGEL  team  around  you ;   often   ArchAngel  Michael, Gabriel  and Ziekiel  help  in  this  way, along  with  the   Ascended  Masters.  


MERGE with the Knowingness that your Divine Life Partner, is already with you.

The   more you   raise your  vibrations  through  spiritual healing,  meditations,  crystals, visualizing, essential  oils,  etc,  the   faster  you  will  merge  to "soul  link,"  with  your   "Divine  Life  Partner." 

 Often, when one is ready to meet their "Divine Life Partner," that person's   spiritual essence appears in your energy field, which shows up in Readings.     This is the   time   your Angels can come in and help you "merge" with KNOWING you are already with that new partner. 

This  "KNOWING,"  brings peace of mind and you  no longer  need to  "find,"  that person, thus it  will amplify the  magnetizing of  the two of you to come together , when you least expect it.

You will come to realize you don't have to search or need someone, but rather, you are already with them.  Also a technique before you go to sleep each night is to call to the  soul essence of your "Divine Life Partner,"  to  bond with you in dream state, gathering your Angel Team around you.

Soon you will have a dream that shows you the meeting of this "Divine Life Partner," in the near future.      Some clients have several dreams they remember before meeting their "Divine Life Partner." They often recognize the person by their vibrational alignment when they meet.

This all speeds up the process of meeting in physical reality.


GRATITUDE in advance.  Remember, you may meet a few "samples," that seem to be  "Divine Life Partner,"  that the universe  will  send you, before the ONE; these are called "transitional or working karmic relationships,"  to help you prepare for the  "ONE>"  Do  not let this discourage you as it only means the  ONE  is  soon  coming.    Always affirm,   "Gratitude for any relationship and Gratitude in Advance for being with your  "Divine Life Partner" that is  aligned with you on all levels and dimensions  in  every way.   By expressing sincere Gratitude in advance, you raise the Frequency of magnetizing that "Divine Life Partner," to you in an accelerated way.   Grace and Gratitude have very high frequencies and open the heart to create in a more powerful way.    Do a brief meditation 2 or 3 times a day, breathing in 7 counts,  holding 7 counts and releasing on 7 counts  (at least 7 times), then bring  your  sacred Visions into your heart, placing your right hand over your heart,  3  times a day,  whether for relationships, career, or any Visioning.   In this way,  you  become  one  with your Visions,  they  are  not  "out there,"  somewhere.  Add a  brief meditation, breathing in  7  times,  affirming  your  Vision or  Manifestation  in  the   present  sense,  in  Knowing  it  is  Done,  and  so  it  is.  SELAH!

By:  Rev. AthenaStar, MasterMedium,

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