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13 Insights Of Wisdom


Your individualized self-consciousness is at core of your being.  To harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with universal consciousness meditation is advised. By merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taken guidance from what you know which communicate the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts and feelings, which will create frequencies which will result in right action and deed.


We perceive the world within through intuition.  By listening to the inner voice of spirit one does not create error. Instead heart and mind resonate in harmony, this create the right frequency for manifestation. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception which cause error of desired outcome. It is the fear based thoughts which create a total false perception which does not want to listen to the wisdom of the soul.


Due to lack of attention to meditation, one disregards guidance. This binds one to fear.  Instead of the "Christ mind" we have in its place our own separate mind.    Which creates with focus on fear? Which creates a separate self? We create instead with our present limited helpless and ignorant understanding of our own given Divine intelligence. It is now time to shift to wisdom. Be still and know I Am All That I Am


Through the quickening and awaken astral centre of the spine, the subtle Kundalini often call the serpent force rises up through the body bringing the individual to a state of conscious of Knowing. This inner knowing will resonate within the heart and whole body. To love self fully is a beautiful and ecstatic act of knowing. Trusting the feelings and the guidance moment to moment will create harmony between thoughts and feelings.


To love you fully is a beautiful and ecstatic act of knowing. Trusting the feelings and the guidance moment to moment will allow you to embrace your experiences.  It is by embracing what is that you accept the NOW moment. What the mind has found lacking is found to be present. Not only is it found, but it is perfect. The love you receive contains light, warmth and conditions for growth.   


 Meditation allows one to receive feedings of love which will be confirmed by your own inner sensing abilities within the heart. Bouts of joy and bliss will confirm for you right thought, and right action. You may call this the resonance of truth. With new perceptions and new discoveries what was accepted as truth will change. It will take courage to live by your new truth. Only by direct expertise will wisdom be gained.


Awareness happens to you when the mind is still. Spirit emanates a psychic radiation that permeates your being and that to receive it consciously, is to live by your now new perception of newly discovered truth. Thoughts are power that moves everything .As one feels an expansion of the impulse of love their own body wisdom will witness an inner lightness. This resonance of truth is divine bliss and comes with an expansion of consciousness


Awareness creates within your consciousness a feeling of oneness.  Allowing the ego to bask in the love and drop all thoughts of fear or deficient thoughts in the separate mind. Then a merging of everything you are will support your awakening. The love you receive contains light, warmth and conditions for growth. This includes what will be now attracted in your life. Love is the fulfilment of wisdom received through the heart.


When one embraces soul wisdom one’s focus of attention switches to positive constructive thought. As one embraces new perceptions and new discoveries one becomes become empowered with innovative virgin ideas. Set beliefs make it nearly impossible to change our belief systems. Our foolish investment in beliefs, bonds us to same frequency and vibration. Thus our point of attraction causes error. Our lives are built on the wrong foundation and will continually run  


Examine accepted beliefs; access what you want to change, by including the possibility that they might be incomplete. Benefit by the expansion of your new truth and discoveries, by developing your intuition. New perception and intelligence comes into our awareness allowing you to let go what does not serve the greater good.   Create harmony between thoughts and feelings. Make a conscious shift to embracing the principles of love for it is your nature.


Change will only come by focus attention on intent, which will be energized by the feelings generated by action. It is now wise to take action. Growth can only take place when you dissociated from closed and limiting beliefs through meditation. Meditation allows dissociation and analysis of new wisdom which will expand your consciousness and identity. With self-inquiry, we knock at the door of a new perception. By being focused and opened mind to new perceptions.


Within meditation one is guided to their true identity of who you are and what you could become. Self-awareness comes without thoughts within the silence. Sound thoughts are those that bring peace to the soul and light to the spirit. Negative thoughts bond us to limitations. They also block us from receiving love in your body, mind and outer environment. Keep you focus on positive constructive thoughts, that radiant out love and keep your thoughts pure


 Thoughts are the power that moves everything. As one feels an expansion of the impulse of love from the harmony of thoughts and feelings one’s own body wisdom confirms the creations of what one desires. This resonance of truth is divine bliss and come with an expansion of consciousness. Creativity and actual potential of what could exist become possible now as co creations have being acknowledged. The objective, subjective balance will manifest the perfect ideas.

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