Phone Readers (Medium)

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Sarah Sinclair

PIN: 500353

I'm a British TV Psychic, a Reiki Master healer and a Spiritual Teacher. I have been working as a Psychic Medium for over 25 years now. I link in quickly to your energy and I work mainly hands free wi...

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Lady Lillith

PIN: 600755

You can talk to me about whatever is on your mind. When people talk, I get sort of a movie in my mind of what is going on which helps me understand what you are going through. I have been reading aura...

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PIN: 500186

I am known as the Dream Detective or Dreamer; I have been working as a psychic for about 40 years. I have been in hundreds of TV shows across the world. I predicted 9/11 and many other terror attacks ...

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PIN: 500285

I use either clairvoyance or the tarot cards in my readings. Being a 'Telephone Exchange' for the spirit world what I get given comes directly from them. I have always been very sensitive to unseen in...

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PIN: 600799

I am a psychic clairvoyant with 20 years experience. I work full time as a psychic, this is not a hobby for me. I am straight forward; I do not sugar-coat. I work through your name, voice and auras. I...

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PIN: 500912

My name is Barekia pronounced Ba-ree-key-ah. I've been helping people for over 15 years with various things such as marital issues, spiritual cleansing, sex, financial issues and relationships. I'm ve...

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PIN: 700302

I specialise in Love Tarot, love resolutions and in giving timelines frame of reference. I can also give other side readings and pet readings. All matters read....

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PIN: 700319

I’ve been reading since I was quite young, was given my first tarot at 22 and have honed my skills ever since. Knowing I had my gifts came later but I’ve always seen ghosts, called to spirit and been ...

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PIN: 700301

I specialise in mediumship and psychic readings. I work by bringing you messages from your past loved ones in spirit world and psychic readings to bring you comfort and guidance. I specialise in your ...

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Grant Colyer

PIN: 500777

I’m a professional Psychic Medium and have been working with spirit for over 30 years, I have worked on my TV and radio shows over the years spreading the messages from spirit. I work with my guide Mi...

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PIN: 700312

I am a Top-Level Professional highly tuned in Psychic Medium Clairvoyant and I have established a solid reputation Internationally for proven specific insight in evidential readings. I am known for be...