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Wheel of Fortune and The Four of Wands

You have chosen the Wheel of Fortune and the 4 of Wands. The 4 of Wands talks about the fact that you are interested in your material security, mainly the environment around you. If you are thinking of investing in a house now is the time to do so. If this is your first time it is bigger and better than you thought possible. For the 4 of Wands deals with our home and our houses. It's to do with the environment that we live in or the environment around us. If you are in property please invest. If you are looking at seeking a dwelling please buy now. The 4 of Wands also talks about marriage, so if you're thinking of getting a partnership together, whether or not you go through a civil ceremony or whether you decide to just live together doesn't really matter. It's about getting together. The 4 of Wands is about consolidation, anything that involves your material security. The Wheel of Fortune means that you are in for a time of luck for the next two to three years. It's about what goes around, comes around so the more you have been kind to others the more you're going to get back. The more you have invested in yourself the more you will get out of it. The Wheel of Fortune is about expansion because it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It's about taking opportunities and having applied goodwill, getting it back for contentment and good living. Anything we can do can grow and energise - that is why it would be a good time for you to invest in property right now, because whatever you put in will grow and the financial success around it will be greater than what you had thought. If you are simply looking for somewhere nice to live and somewhere that's comfortable you can probably get more for your money. This is a time to think big. If you've been thinking of starting a new career, some more knowledge, some philosophy or a new language, now would be the time because the Wheel of Fortune shows that you have more potential now than ever. It's a lucky period of being able to put something in and get double back so really it's up to you: the more you invest in yourself or your circumstances, the greater the dividends will be.

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Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Thank you Sam for sending Mama, Papa and Cuddles healing also for sending Derek and me healing, Derek, Papa, Mama and Cuddles so so need it, I am thankful, I am grateful to My Saint and U. Bless you always. Thank you for reassuring me again, my Saint is with me. He still stands by his word. Your an Angel.

Jan by KathyRated: 5 

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Spot on accurate.

Bee by CRated: 5 

Helpful and accurate. Thank you!

Fiona M by Sims Rated: 5 

A brilliant reader who deserves more review than what she’s got. Accurate and can deal with various complicated situations which she validates well and also so many of her predictions have come true. Call her.

Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Have had several readings with my dear angel Sam over these few weeks, as I was going through an extreme period, of challenges and sufferings, I thank you Sam for standing by me, guiding me with what needed to be done and also healing, I thank you for healing mum to understand me too.

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