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The World and The Two of Cups

You have chosen the World and the 2 of Cups. The 2 of Cups represents the fact that you are in a happy couple. If you're not yet in a relationship that is happy, you're about to be, for this is the card of true love, the caring and sharing of each other's lives, the linking of hearts, minds, body, spirits, where soul mates gaze at each other, hold hands and support each other. The World card tells us of your personal success. It is the ultimate achievement, a top goal in your own personal ambitions. You're lucky enough to go wider and further than you thought with your desires and fulfilment for there is more expansion that you thought possible. This is also a massive travel card and the World is linked to Saturn, the planet that deals with order and duty and preparation for future events. It is time to learn from experience. You have a quite a good standing in the community and are seen as reliable and responsible. This impresses people, particularly your partners, family, people in authority or your boss. You have a professional approach to everything you do and your projects are usually quite prestigious. World is ruled by the Planet Saturn which is about making us want to possess our own things such as our houses, or gain respect for our efforts. Saturn is also about our desire to see theories proven before we trust them and take any risks particularly when it comes to our intellectual or emotional resources. Saturn is all about time and experience and in the capacity of the World this is the only true teachers. Everything to do with Saturn must be tried and tested as we need to create solid structures from which we can live peacefully in accordance with the limits of being a mortal. Saturn also deals with our need to preserve what has proven its value and strength over a long period of time. So, with your relationship you will need time before you believe that this is truly the real thing: for you experience is everything and between the two of you, you will go from strength to strength, further and together for longer than you ever thought possible.

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Drako Rouge by Michelle Rated: 5 

Very pleasant guy tuned in straight away tells you how it is and given me guidance definitely recommend and I’ll definitely be having another reading soon as we got cut off too soon thank you Michelle xxx

Manda by Bronwen Rated: 5 

Fantastic to speak with, I felt totally at ease and you totally picked up on something I had majorly suspected!! Sorry we got cut off it wouldn’t let me top up again but I will definitely come back to you in future I feel so much more focused on what’s needed in my path now x

Janette by DmbRated: 5 

I've just had another reading with Janette. She gave me so much information and how to deal with a twin flame relationship that I'm in. She really does look into your would and told me how to deal with it all. I'm truly grateful to you Janette and I will come back if I need more information!

Lizanne by DrewRated: 5 

Superb reading! Just spot on! Great stuff! Thank you.

Sue D by JosieRated: 5 

Thank you Sue! I always feel better after talking to you.

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