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The Tower and The Knight of Swords

You have chosen the Tower and the Knight of Swords. The Tower can be an unsettling card for it's ruled by the planet Mars. This is to do with assertion and energy and drive. It's the male side of everybody but the Tower has an unsettling feel. Sudden interventions have swept the decks clear for you and your foundations have been uprooted. Things have changed suddenly with no warning out of the blue. All is no longer what it was. It can be as if thing are being attacked and as if all your plans and projects are sinking into the sand but this is for a good reason for you are someone who is quick and shrewd and always in need of more knowledge. You're impetuous: like a child with a new toy, you get bored very easily and if you're honest with yourself these changes are for the better. It's now time to start again, a clean slate, to plan and build some very solid roots and foundations for you are impetuous and in search of more knowledge which we all only acquire through practice and understanding how to negotiate the obstacles that present themselves to you. This is testing your strength of character and your determination to see a project through to the end. You need to express your will and your personal desire in a way that is strong but you do better to focus your energy when you're working with other people. Although you're able to fight your corner you fight much better for and on behalf of others. You find it hard to asset your own personal needs. You're better off in teamwork even though you're a bit of a loner. you're very good at organising and planning, you work really well when you're allowed to inspire other people with a change of progress through your own vision for the changes that go on within you are more to do with mental than physical. You have some very refined ideas and you really work well when cooperating with other people. The other people will lead you to find a surge of energy and enthusiasm that is necessary for your enterprise. You now need to realise that you should be the leader and not the follower. Things certainly won't be the same again and you'll realise that out of this bleak time, plenty of good is here. You've got to look at other people in a new light and strip yourself of illusions and delusions that possibly you've had and to be more honest with your own objectives and motives. There are lots of new changes on the way so look at this as starting a new chapter and embrace the opportunity to plan exactly what you want very carefully for its maximum potential.

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Ella by Cara88Rated: 5 

Ella over the past few months it’s become such a privilege 2 know such a truly bright & genuinely compassionate soul. Even love the measure of good humor to lighten what at times for people can be such a heavy pass in our lives. I feel such kinship, trust & gratitude for Your generous heart. Pax~

Yvette by AtheenaRated: 5 

Had a few readings with Yvette and she is amazingly accurate. Plan a follow up reading today for an update, and to let her know her last predictions came to pass.

Janey by CarolynRated: 5 

Wonderful two days of help and guidance! Will be back with how things are progressing! Many thanks - :) Janey is the best!

Alma by AFRated: 5 

Alma is consistently accurate, information flows with ease from spirit. An amazing reader. Thank you.

Jane O'Hara by AnonRated: 5 

Jane is an absolute joker! Always spot on and in tune. I will definitely remember you when I’m wealthy so you can be my personal reader hahaha! Speak again soon xxx

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