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The Tower and The King of Swords

You have chosen the Tower and the King of Swords. The Tower is the card that deals with our energy and our drive. It's the assertion and sexual energy - the male side of everyone. It's very unsettling for the plant Mars is quick, fast and hurried. The sudden interventions have caused your foundations to feel uprooted as if they've been struck by lightening. It's almost like you've built a house on sand and it is collapsing for the Tower is a card that means that things will never be the same again and that it is time for a new chapter. Even though the dust is still settling you'll realise that out of this bad situation, plenty of good is to follow. you've got to look at things in a new light. You've now been stripped of all the illusions and delusions you've had even with yourself it's time to be more honest and look at your motives. If you're honest you know that these sweeping changes have been necessary for some time. You've got to adopt a different, more positive approach. This is a really good time to rebuild your life for you really are quite a good leader and work best on your own. You're very strong willed and very good at leading a team, being in control, being at the top. You're doing very well with your career and everything to do with you is to do with matters of the mind. You have a very quick, sharp and hurried brain. It needs constant stimulation to keep you satisfied. Sometimes your energy is erratic and it's hard to discipline but you're very versatile. You need to keep going with plans and projects instead of abandoning them too soon. It's because you are always interested in something else. You're very good when it comes to discussions and debates and your need for communication of ideas is very important. The changes for you will be more mental than physical. It's about learning to defend yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually and seeing yourself as someone separate from work for otherwise you're becoming a victim of your own achievements. You need to express yourself and to find your goals with another period instead of the lonely life in which you feel you've had to churn along. It is time now for you to look at meeting and blending with more like minded people for very short periods of time where you feel the human interaction of developing your plans and ideas with like-minded, spontaneous people who constantly have the same stimulation and restless drive as you. This can take place with your hobbies, sports, or any of your interests that involve meeting other people to discuss, debate or take place with another human being instead of putting yourself into isolation working only and solely towards your materialistic goal.

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Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Thank you Sam for sending Mama, Papa and Cuddles healing also for sending Derek and me healing, Derek, Papa, Mama and Cuddles so so need it, I am thankful, I am grateful to My Saint and U. Bless you always. Thank you for reassuring me again, my Saint is with me. He still stands by his word. Your an Angel.

Jan by KathyRated: 5 

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Spot on accurate.

Bee by CRated: 5 

Helpful and accurate. Thank you!

Fiona M by Sims Rated: 5 

A brilliant reader who deserves more review than what she’s got. Accurate and can deal with various complicated situations which she validates well and also so many of her predictions have come true. Call her.

Sam by RaajiniRated: 5 

Have had several readings with my dear angel Sam over these few weeks, as I was going through an extreme period, of challenges and sufferings, I thank you Sam for standing by me, guiding me with what needed to be done and also healing, I thank you for healing mum to understand me too.

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