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The Tower and The Four of Pentacles

You have chosen the Tower and the 4 of Pentacles. Up to now you've had to hold onto money. In fact some would say you hold on a little too well. Don't hold your money for the 4 of Pentacles explains that you are quite a materialistic person. In fact that's pretty much all you think about. You're driven by this in everything you do. This is because of your insecurity as a person and the feeling that you must be financially independent. It's about realising that possessions do not add up to absolutely everything and the Tower is probably striking and changing your attitude for it comes out of the blue - it's an unsettling time. This sudden intervention has uprooted the foundations that you know and it's happened quickly. It's time for you to realise that you must stop hoarding, collecting and being motivated by material gain. You've got to stop being reluctant to part with more than you feel is your fair share. It's about being aware that you want comfort as well as security. It's time to try and use your personality and that means getting in touch with your emotions and being a little bit more demonstrative. It would be nice if you were a little bit more charitable and you've got to fight against your negative attitudes that can stop you. These problems will not go away until you change your attitude so it's time to make some very sweeping changes and to start thinking about a much more spiritual side of life where you get your rewards from being of service to others and to get yourself involved in more social settings particularly to do with friends family or the community. Try to do something that doesn't involve increasing your income or strengthening your material security. It's about the simple things that will give you the greatest of pleasure. It's now time to defend yourself emotionally instead of just physically and materialistically. You've got to see yourself as a separate individual who has emotional needs and needs to be satisfied with a variety of experience. You've suffered in the past with your experience of competing and up to now have probably worried about getting involved in relationships with other people for fear of losing to being the best. It's time to be sensitive to others and realistic about the acceptance of being a human being and being more in balance with a little bit of everything.

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