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The Sun and The Queen of Wands

You have chosen the Sun and the Queen of Wands. The Sun is a wonderful card, for it is all about the male, logical, practical happiness that comes from being part of a family. The Sun is linked to the star sign Leo which is all about the inner child in all of us which is the excitement, happiness and the frustrations that we all experience from wanting something that we work towards and feel is a goal. Everyone has to have something to look forward to and you at the moment have plenty. Your happiness is being fully exposed to do with the achievements that you've got in life and the success of completing them. If you're involved in a marriage or have children around you, you are exposing this happiness fully at the moment for you are enjoying the personal happiness that comes from the togetherness of belonging to a pack of humans. You are someone who is loving, kind and trusting. You're very outgoing. You're very adventurous and you like to be on the move all the time. Enterprising with absolutely everything and you're good with animals. You're someone who is very physical. You're someone of actions. You love tangible adventure and the comings and goings relating to the outdoors and travel and movement gives you the enthusiasm to be physically creative in areas such as sports, gardening or any hobbies that can develop the physical creativity that you have. You need to find a place in life where you feel that you can shine and be recognised as being special. You have a need to discover your creative outlets and that your originality and charisma come through but there must be an admiring audience around to appreciate your efforts. It's no good doing anything if people don't notice for the Sun is a card that reflects every person's need to become unique and individual and we have to express that individuality through our creations and efforts. This helps us to know ourselves and remain loyal to our own heart. We have to make choices that are to do with clarity, honesty and integrity. It's where we put a value on the meaning of life where we are independent of identification with our family, our job, or hobbies. It's about fulfilling our dreams and satisfying our longs to contribute our individual style on something that we feel is of personal value.

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Daniel by MarieRated: 5 

I just think Daniel is fantastic. So confident in what he sees and is very consistent with the messages received from Spirit. The best reader on this site in my view and if you are looking for clarity ring Daniel. Kind and caring also. 10 stars

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She knew the story before I said a word. Brought comfort in keeping positive about the situation.

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Wonderful read so uplifting, concise yet tons of information!!!! Ty ty! Highly recommend

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Another wonderful reading by Daniel. He’s become one of my earth angels. He’s very calm and accurate in all his readings. He has given me the strength to stay focused and energized. Absolutely one of my top psychics online. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Daniel for all your help.

Tracy P by BlueButterfly Rated: 5 

I feel so much better since your Beautiful reading. Thank you and Bless you for the work you do. I love you Tracy.

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