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The Sun and The King of Wands

You have chosen the Sun and the King of Wands. The Sun is a lovely card for it deals with the male, logical, practical happiness that comes from being part of a pack of humans such as a family. It's about the inner child that gets excited when our happiness is to be fully exposed. It's about the success of achievements, anything to do with going to university, passing exams, having a marriage, fulfilling your dreams of children, anything where we feel that our self realisation is being put into action and a togetherness of being happy through belonging to a pack of humans. You have a fixed focus and you're able to be adventurous and creative. You're someone who enjoys the outdoors, particularly walking. Anything that has a physical activity will appeal to you for you work extremely hard and you love to be on a mission. You like to be in charge too for you are always looking to start something new and you've got the right balance to be a leader. The confidence you have comes from the fact that you are someone who likes tangible adventure. You're someone who likes action and you get on with life. It's about the comings and goings and the plans that you make towards travel and movement that gives you the enthusiasm to be physically creative. The Sun is about reflecting each person's need to become a unique individual. We use this power to express that individuality through our creative efforts. By this we get to know ourselves. We make choices that are based on honesty and integrity, so the experience that we have of being separate and worthwhile gives us value and meaning to life. For we all have an independence outside of ourselves such as with our family or our jobs. We need to be unique and important and feel that we're contributing some sort of individual style to our lives. For others it can be done in work, home, spiritual or even religious quests. It's something that we feel is an achievement of a personal goal and a value. It's about being as confident as you can be to dare to be yourself and to be accepted for whom you are, and achieving and working towards what you feel is an individual excellence.

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Ally Key

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Stevie F

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Yvette by GracefulmoonRated: 5 

I love the gentle kindness of Yvette's readings.

James1976 by AnnemarieRated: 5 

James is the most accurate reader I have ever spoken to and I've read with a fair few. He's down to earth and humble too. Would highly recommend a reading with James any day.

Jasmine by HelenRated: 5 

I had readings with Jasmine quite some time ago and her predictions were absolutely accurate. My circumstances recently changed and when I spoke to her today I immediately felt the strong connection. She is very in tune and could see this relationship going all the way. Honest and never disappoints.

Alanna by KRated: 5 

Great reading from Alanna. She described the situation I’m in so accurately and made a prediction I hope will happen. She also listens and is calm in manner. Would have a reading from her again.

Juliet James by VikramRated: 5 

Juliet is not just an amazing reader but a true empath and healer xx thank you for the guidance in these difficult times xx

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