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The Star and The Three of Swords

You have chosen the Star and the 3 of Swords. The 3 of Swords shows there has been recent loss and heartbreak. Your past has been haunting you because this situation kept recurring; it wasn't for the first time. This has caused you a lot of emotional exhaustion but the 3 of Swords is explaining this is a past position and that you must realise that it is time now to move forwards and to stop thinking about what's occurred in the past for the Star card is here to say it is working on you gently testing new waters with your hopes, principles and ideals. It's about believing in your own abilities and having the confidence to work towards your cause. It's about making a fresh start and trying again. Try to think big, that way then you'll attract as many opportunities as possible. You need to be as optimistic as possible for the Star card is a wonderful card and shows that your dreams can become reality. It's about being enthusiastic and being as positive as possible. You really need to invest in the present for your future and to see that you create your own luck by being trusting and aware, you're not lacking in faith for yourself or in life. Look at the possibilities and let the doors open and allow yourself to manifest your goals - you know that you create your own luck. It's about being guided by your own hunches and your gut feelings. You've got to have faith in your dreams and the courage to go into your journey without any guarantee. The greatest failure that could have is to aim too low. Be yourself right now and be as cheerful and outgoing as you really feel, and that way then people will really want to be with you and they'll help you. So, it's about planning ahead and discovering exactly who you are and being true to yourself by realising that you invest emotionally the trust in the present for your future.

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Drako Rouge by Michelle Rated: 5 

Very pleasant guy tuned in straight away tells you how it is and given me guidance definitely recommend and I’ll definitely be having another reading soon as we got cut off too soon thank you Michelle xxx

Manda by Bronwen Rated: 5 

Fantastic to speak with, I felt totally at ease and you totally picked up on something I had majorly suspected!! Sorry we got cut off it wouldn’t let me top up again but I will definitely come back to you in future I feel so much more focused on what’s needed in my path now x

Janette by DmbRated: 5 

I've just had another reading with Janette. She gave me so much information and how to deal with a twin flame relationship that I'm in. She really does look into your would and told me how to deal with it all. I'm truly grateful to you Janette and I will come back if I need more information!

Lizanne by DrewRated: 5 

Superb reading! Just spot on! Great stuff! Thank you.

Sue D by JosieRated: 5 

Thank you Sue! I always feel better after talking to you.

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