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The Star and The Queen of Wands

You have chosen the Star and the Queen of Wands. The star is a really good card. It's about the hopes and wishes that we have for yourself and the aspirations of making them happen. It's dealing with the principles and ideals that we enjoy in life and bringing them into or community and making it our social life. You've got one foot firmly on land while you test these new waters. This is a very lucky card, for it is truly something that gives you personal happiness, something that you've wished for yourself. This is excellent for your personal development and it's a very strong healing card. Why wouldn't it be? It's full of everything that you should have. You have bothered to get on with what you most enjoy and you're someone that likes action. This is a time of action and adventures and the ones involved in the outdoors are the better for you. You're physically creative and quite skilful in what you do. You have good intensions for you're someone who is loving, kind and people trust you. You're very outgoing and adventurous. You like to be on the move all the time. You're enterprising with everything that you do and people definitely respond to you. As long as you can find a place in life where you can shine and be recognised as special you will do well for you must be able to reflect the important of self expression. You need creative outlets where your originality can shine, and wherever there's an audience to appreciate your efforts - even better, so this is a time to get on with matters that are close to your heart. Any hobbies or desires or anything within the community that you feel you can do on a voluntary basis would be excellent right now. It's caring and bothering for you are certainly someone who if they say they will do something you make sure that it is done to the point of excellence. It's all about enjoying yourself and feeling that you have fulfilled your principles and ideals to the maximum for that is a very good way of gaining satisfaction for this very positive energy that you are blessed with.

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Jane O'Hara by Irish girl Rated: 5 

I have readings from Jane few times now. Jane’s insights and guidance were logical, practical and no sugar coating. Jane readings were very consistent .Her guidance helped me to move forward especially on my love relationship. She truly helped me in giving me back my self confidence! Thank you!

Dahlia Rose by PhilipRated: 5 

Unbelievable reader. Picked up everything I've been told by other readers over the last few months and put it all together in one reading.

Mysticdreamer22 by Samantha Rated: 5 

Wow! I got an email read several weeks ago from this lovely lady, she give me very precise info about when & where I’d meet my partner. She described his personality, work & past in detail. I came back to confirm every single thing she told me happened! Specific details! Amazing! She’s so gifted!

Anya by CandaceRated: 5 

Excellent reader and reading. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you for giving me hope. I will definitely call again!

Faith Bird by BethRated: 5 

Thank you for my reading x x x hope to speak soon in the next following weeks your insight and just general conversation is always worth the call XxX

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