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The Star and The Knight of Cups

You have chosen the Star and the Knight of Cups. The Star is a really lovely card for it shows you're working towards your hopes and wishes and making them your principles and ideals. It's about the aspirations you have in life and acquiring them. You're testing new waters and you're finding that this is quite a lucky time. You've got one foot firmly on land and the other gently finding out how you feel about these new aspirations. The Star helps you build up your social life within the community. It's about the happiness you have for wish fulfilment. Things that you wish for yourself, you're now making sure are happening to you. Its about the personal happiness that's in all of us. It's a very strong healing card. That's not surprising for while you're enjoying yourself, your body is relaxed having fun and giving you it's absolute maximum for sometimes we can push far too hard. Linked also with the happiest suit, the cup family, you find yourself in transit and that you're moving elegantly from one situation to the next. There maybe a new love coming into your life. This may be with the person that you're already with for you are both working towards happier times, or it may be that you're about to embark on a new relationship. Either way you're set to have some good times for you're truly mixing an d blending with what you want from life. There are new social invitations coming your way. You're discovering new ground. Your enthusiasm builds up to unpredictability when you realise that you have a confidence within yourself and that life is not so bad. Indeed this is card that brings us hope. It is best and at it's maximum in the summer season, round about the June/July and August period. You will find that what you've wished for is starting to bring you lots and lots of personal happiness so it's about being as outgoing and as optimistic as you are right now and you'll find yourself in very high spirits. Relationships are extremely good at the moment and if you're getting to know somebody you'll find that you have a very long lasting friendship together.

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Tracy P by AlanaRated: 5 

Tracy, Mr Prodigal did return as you said!! Wow, never had a reading with so much detail and accuracy, it felt you could see deep in my soul, and told me things you couldn’t possibly have known. Such a lovely, down to earth lady with an amazing gift. Will definitely be back soon, thank you xxx

Annie S by Cara88Rated: 5 

Thank you spirit/God for this wonderful human. This path can be very rough; not all are a so true. You give it your all. Aside from your humility, you are god/Spirit gifted, The real deal. I am so just glowing, I have found a counterpart, a fellow true light. thank you, for Truly understanding. PAX~

Emanuel by LizRated: 5 

Yes, Emanuel is truly mediumistic and helped me through the dilemma and confusion of my relationship - giving me the energy to see it through - as he says its worth it. Thank you Emanuel x

Janey by CosmicRated: 5 

Hi Janey, wanted to let you know the twin flame person you’ve been working on has been in contact like you said. Will get those dates we want, and I’ll be back in touch. Thank you!

Tracy P by AVRated: 5 

As others have said, Tracy is an absolutely amazing reader who tuned straight in to my situation with no questions asked. Actually blown away by how accurately she described my past and present, and how the future will unfold. Never had such clarity from a reading and will definitely be back. X

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