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The Star and The Five of Swords

You have chosen the Star and the 5 of Swords. The 5 of Swords explains there are some unsavoury people around you. These characters are unethical and if you are working on a plan or a project together you need to keep away from these people for they are not vibrating on the same frequency as you. The situation is not really tangible; it's a struggle and a battlefield to keep going with these people who are full of negative outlooks. You need to watch your back. There are plenty of arguments amongst themselves without you being involved. These people are simply gossips and bullies and quite happy to pick up on anybody else's weakness. It's unethical and you realise that they are addicted to their own negativity. You've realised that you must remove yourself from such people. The Star card is saying to you that this is a lucky time and that you must walk away from the old: allow the chance for the new to come in, for the Star is all about the dreams and aspirations and the hopes and wishes that you have for yourself. Your social life needs to improve. You need to remove yourself from this negative and stagnant situation. This is all about your principles and ideals and you cannot fight this crowd. You need to move on. It's time to aspire to be within a social setting and a group of like minded people who vibrate on the same frequency as you do. You're someone who needs the inspiration from the debate and the discussion that comes from a group where you can all test new waters gently, safe in the knowledge that you are all vibrating on the same frequency as each other. You're being asked to introduce yourself into a different environment where you really believe in something and you realise that the people around you are like minded. Together you can make a difference, for you have an investment in the present for the future. The Star card is indeed a wonderful card and it's about our hopes and aspirations and not being fearful. We create our own luck by being an opportunist and working towards manifesting these goals. It's about going with a gut feeling and you're being asked now to look at your hunches, walk away from the old, clear the decks and find the clues to a brighter future. You have faith in your own dreams and you have aspirations. You now need the courage to go into your journey without any guarantees for what will happen but it's about your conviction of life that life is really on our side. It's about being ethical, hopeful and enthusiastic.

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Ella by Cara88Rated: 5 

Ella over the past few months it’s become such a privilege 2 know such a truly bright & genuinely compassionate soul. Even love the measure of good humor to lighten what at times for people can be such a heavy pass in our lives. I feel such kinship, trust & gratitude for Your generous heart. Pax~

Yvette by AtheenaRated: 5 

Had a few readings with Yvette and she is amazingly accurate. Plan a follow up reading today for an update, and to let her know her last predictions came to pass.

Janey by CarolynRated: 5 

Wonderful two days of help and guidance! Will be back with how things are progressing! Many thanks - :) Janey is the best!

Alma by AFRated: 5 

Alma is consistently accurate, information flows with ease from spirit. An amazing reader. Thank you.

Jane O'Hara by AnonRated: 5 

Jane is an absolute joker! Always spot on and in tune. I will definitely remember you when I’m wealthy so you can be my personal reader hahaha! Speak again soon xxx

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