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The Star and The Eight of Swords

You have chosen the Star and the 8 of Swords. The 8 of Swords has made you feel restricted in the past. This was just mental restriction. You were a victim of your own circumstances, you didn't sort problems out early enough and because you chose not to see things clearly enough you got in a muddle. All tied up, restricted and feeling there's no way out but the Star card is rescuing you because you have got hope. This is shown by the Star card which deals with your hopes and your wishes and you sticking to your principles and your ideals. You know there's better out there and you're now no longer fearful of what might happen even though you know there's no guarantee, you're prepared to make an investment. You're testing things gently for this has been quite a difficult time for you. You've taken the blindfold off and chosen to see that the biggest failure was to do nothing. By realising this you are now on your way to a whole new environment of opportunities where you can make your dreams and aspirations come true for the Star card is all about wishing for yourself personal fulfilment and happiness. The kind of things that you really care about are coming into your life because you want them and you're not afraid of them and you don't think that good things happen to other people, you've realise they can happen to you because you are prepared to do something to help them come along. That takes extreme courage for you're working towards your goal and helping them manifest their reality into your life. You've now got faith in the future to take a risk in the present and you do not lack faith in yourself or in life. In fact you realise that you must follow the clues to who you are by going with your hunches and your intuition. This is all about hope, your ideals and your principles and making sure that you're with like minded people so that you can keep going in the right direction.

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Tracy P by DmbRated: 5 

Just had an extended reading with Tracy which blew me away. It just flowed from her and has given me so much relief over a bad year. The first reading was about a relationship the second about family. I now feel so confident and think I will sleep well for the first time in months! Thank you Tracy.x

Shelly by LaurieRated: 5 

Shelly, thank you always. You have seen me through so much and the perspective that you and your guide have given me is real and has really helped me in some really hard situations. You have made such a difference in my life, and I am so grateful to you. You give such good advice.

Emily by BaronRated: 5 

Excellent reading once again. Emily always picks up quick with all the situation around me. Thanq

Crimey Queen by SamRated: 5 

Amazing reading, what a lovely lady. I enjoyed my reading, connected all the dots really well, picked up on my current situation, spot on with everything. The reader give great advice too and that was needed. Will speak again. Thank you

Tracy P by GerryRated: 5 

Lots of information, accurate and kind. Fantastic reader.

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