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The Star and The Eight of Cups

You have chosen the Star and the 8 of cups. You're moving on through experience now. It's a time for you to move on. You'll leave behind an emotional gap in your life and you're going to be abandoning life as you know it to walk away. You must leave the old life behind you. It is time for you. Within a month new things will happen. You've got to leave behind those you love and care about but in the fulfilment of time you'll realise this was necessary for you cannot do something new while you are with your loved ones. You need to be brave and let go and to go down your own path at the moment. You'll come back, but you need to go away for about a month, think, plan and fulfil your ambition. This is because the Star is in your life as well, helping you to do this. This is about your hopes, your wishes, your aspirations and you must deal with the principles and ideals in life that you feel are so important to you. This will improve your social standing and serve you well within the community in which you live. You've got lots of hopes and wishes and you must keep one foot firmly on land and test new waters. This is a very lucky time for you. This is what's going to make you happy. You must go off and see to your ambitions. What you've wished for yourself is now going to happen. You're going to make it happen. The Star card is also a very strong healing card which means if you've been through emotional turmoil, things are getting better, much, much better. In fact the Star is linked to your personal happiness and the 8 of cups shows that you're ambitious enough to go and get what you need to do and work hard for it. You must have belief in your own abilities and this confidence will cause all sorts of new doors to open for you. You've been wanting to make a fresh Start and get on with your ambitions. You've got to think big. You'll attract the opportunities you need away from home so be as optimistic as you can and grab the chances that come your way.

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I specialise in my own unique 2 card reading method which incorporates a major and minor card to give an in depth account of the questions being asked. I have always been sensitive to unseen influence...

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Fiona M
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Fiona M

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I use the tarot cards to give in depth readings for people. If you want to look at, relationships, career, money and house moves. I read the tarot using the Celtic cross spread, using a major card and...

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I can guide you with my Tarot cards linking into my spiritual ability, I have been Psychic most of my life, so let me help you with either going down the right path in life, your love life, career opp...

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I use the Ryder-Waite deck and for me it’s really like reading a storybook. - yours, but is it a sentence blowing in the wind, to a chapter or the whole book. I can offer dates, time-frames, letters f...

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Noel Sorbie
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Noel Sorbie

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I am a professional clairvoyant medium and been in the business for over 38 yrs I have worked in Ibiza Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany the United States of America. I always give f...

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Lady Lillith by HelenRated: 5 

Thank you Lady Lillith as predicted you made contact with him and he got in touch with me x If you have not had a reading with Lady Lilith I recommend you give her a call. Lady Lillith has a different way of reading and she is kind caring and lovely and also her predications came true. Thank you x

Starlinda by MelRated: 5 

This lady is an amazing reader! I have had a couple of readings with her and she is always on point. She gets straight into the situation with no questions, she gives lots of detail and doesn’t sugar coat! Her predictions do happen!! A truly lovely caring lady that I will definitely read with again.

Les by MelRated: 5 

Les is a very clear to the point reader. He explains through the cards what is coming with lots of detail. I look forward to seeing what the future brings and his predictions coming to fruition. A great reader will definitely speak to again. I recommend a reading with Les you won’t be disappointed!

Ally Bee by EJRated: 5 

Thank you, really helpful reading. Gave me clarity about a situation.

Jay by HelenRated: 5 

Thank you for the lovely reading. I have a lot to look forward to.

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