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The Moon and The Three of Swords

You have chosen the moon and the 3 of Swords. The 3 of Swords talks about a past that is haunting you. It's to do with an emotional heartbreaking situation. This hasn't happened just once, it's happened several times. You've been left feeling let down, disappointed, and upset about the behaviour of your emotions and how you feel that you have no control over the way you've been feeling. The 3 of Swords tells you that this is a past position and although it may still be around you, it is going into your past so it cannot come back. This is it - there's a conclusion. The 3 of Swords is also about creation and it's telling you that mentally you're going to have more clarity and you're going to be free to create what you want but the moon is showing you the limitations within your thinking and within your emotions. A lack of communication is not helping you for the moon needs an outlet for you to communicate how you feel. Everything looks different in the moonlight. Things can look strange and deceptive, we're full of illusions and delusions and it can make us feel that we're all over the place as if we're deceiving ourselves. We have no clarity when the moon is around, things look so strange, so we are frightened of the sadness and the confusion that's there. So we chose to hide, stick our head in the sand and day dream our way out of this horrible situation but you really need to be reflective and you need to communicate how you feel for your emotions need an outlet. It may make you feel a bit moody and manic while it's happening but it's time to be reflective and get rid of the depression and to stop covering up. Don't be frightened to look at your own emotions. It can be painful but things aren't buried and they need an outlet. By communicating how you feel you are healing yourself and you are letting go of the emotions so they are no longer in turmoil within your mind or within your heart. The moon is all about our ability to feel connected with the past so that we can respond to the present and it's about the need to give and gain physical affection. We're all looking for safety and comfort in different ways and that comes out in different ways for different people. For some it can be their family, for others it can be the goal of their career and the mixing and blending with the people they're working with, that's enough emotional security for some people. People find it hard to express their basic human needs openly and so we all look for some way of allowing the outlet of our emotional isolation to come out. You've got to look after your own physical and emotional well-being. It can make you slightly vulnerable and dependent but at least you are feeling, and you mustn't look at things as if you're being selfish or demanding whenever your emotions take the better of you. You need support from either your personal life or your professional life in which you can let your personal happiness unfold.

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I got important information about career prospects coming up. My career has been shaky. Some information regarding one offer will be revealed to me. The other upcoming offer is related to what I have been doing for years locally. It will all come at me at the same time.

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Spot on reading and such a lovely lovely person!

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