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The Moon and The Ace of Swords

You have chosen the moon and the ace of swords. The moon is a card about the secrets and restrictions of our life. It makes us feel that we're all over the place, as if we're deceiving ourselves and we have no clarity. We day dream our way out of hiding our emotions to cover up the sadness and the confusion that we're feeling regarding our emotions. It's a time to be reflective and it's a time for lots of manic mood swings. This can make us feel that we've got some sort of crisis for the confusion is causing us to feel we must cover up our emotions but really and truly your emotions just need an outlet. The moon can be really deceptive for things look so different and very strange when it comes to night time. This causes confusions and delusions and therefore then we feel that we do no have the clarity. Nothing is quite as it seems, you really do have to deal with these hidden emotions. They're just looking for an outlet. Lots of muddles and mix ups and misunderstandings is probably what's going on around you right now so it's time to go with the gut feeling. The Ace of Swords is all about a new beginning to do with your emotions. you're finding a new way of thinking where you're going into a victory and cutting away from the old you. This will take some willpower and you'll have to force your way through this subject for your not normally like this. There's a complete change coming about. you're trying to be less emotional but your emotions need to come out and once they're out you can then use your mind to enquire what happens next. You need to have the ability to feel that you're connecting with your past so that you can be responsive to your present. It's also a time to realise that you need to give and receive physical affection for the moon's all about the safety and comfort that can be expressed by many people in many different ways. For some it can be provided by loving family for others, it can be the work that causes enough direct involvement with other people to feel a valid source of emotional and physical security. It's all about your ability to value and it deals with your physical and emotional well-being. We all from time to time feel vulnerable and dependent but it is necessary to have feelings for this is what makes us human and for you, you need to express and receive feelings in a civilised, friendly and courteous manner for as long as you are able to talk about how you feel you'll muddle through and be just fine.

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Katie B by LuciRated: 5 

She is amazing! I was very worried about something and she told me that the message was not to worry - mind-blowing, the 2nd topic she mentioned the first name of a POI - without my asking. Do not hesitate to call her, she's the best!

Dreamer by PicklesRated: 5 

Phenomenal! Was able to pick up on my situation quickly and was spot on! Thank you!

Dreamer by Anonymous Rated: 5 

Sometimes forces beyond our understanding manifest special people to help with extraordinary circumstances. Thank you for incredible readings, integrity and your committment to helping while serving the greater good. You are indeed a special person and a fountain of knowledge. :)

Adele S by SophieRated: 5 

Adele helped give me guidance on a situation that I was unsure of. She helped me to remember what my soul purpose in life is right now. It all felt very relatable and I came away feeling like I know exactly what I need to do. Thank you Adele for the reading, speak soon.

Ally Bee by KarenRated: 5 

You said it was an honour to do my reading... now it is my honour to give you a 5 star rating... it happened exactly as you said it would in the 6/7 day time line you gave me. Thank you x

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