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The Magician and The Two of Wands

You have chosen the Magician and the Two of Wands. The Magician is the card that works with the Planet Mercury, which shows you how your mind is working. It's about the way you think and view reality. It deals with speech and communicating. The Magician is the card of manifestation and it's about the achievement of what you want in the world through sheer willpower. It's about achieving the goals that you want using your determination and putting all the elements together in order to make something come together. It's about manifesting every part of you: mind, body, spirit and being determined to put these together. The Two of Wands is referring to a partnership and in this case, a business partnership. It shows there needs to be a gap within the relationship. There needs to be a distance between the two parties to be creative. Although it's a lonely partnership it is not because there's any animosity. It is simply the fact that two individuals work best with a distance so they can come together and explore the right ideas. You're contemplating your future at the moment, wondering whether you should get involved or not - as long as you are a pair and have that complete independence within this relationship this will work extremely well. If you are thinking of going into business this is the perfect time. The Wand family is all about actions and it shows now that you must be like a fire sign. You must go into your adventure in a way that is full of action. It is about the comings and goings that go on outdoors and this involves plenty of travel, movement, hard work. You need to be enthusiastic and this will lead to the physical creativity that is necessary in order for your project to succeed.

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I use the Ryder-Waite deck and for me it’s like reading a storybook – yours! Now is it a wind blown sentence, to a chapter or the whole book? I am used to face-to-face events, as my banner reads – Tel...

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I am a natural born gifted white aura master psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual healer and insightful Tarot reader primarily focused on ‘personal relationships' outcome and resolution and other areas of ...

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thatsNathan by EmmaRated: 5 

I have just had my first email reading with Nathan I can’t believe how spot on he was with it . Thank you so much Nathan I will defiantly be back again x

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Thanks for everything Julie, helping me really understand once and for all what is going on in relation to my Gemini guy and all the amazing validation and details you picked up on that we had already personally discussed together. Loved your positivity & humour through out the reading. Wonderful xx

Sam by ShaneRated: 5 

Sam has read me 4 times now, each time he has helped me so much. The best reader ever. He truly has a gift and vision into what is going on in my life. I pray all comes true. he has helped me be patient.

Tracy P by HRated: 5 

Had the most amazing reading with Tracy, so accurate and insightful looking forward to seeing what happens, would highly recommend.

Annie by AnonRated: 5 

Wow!!!! Annie is absolutely amazing and her connection to spirit is left me speechless. She validated time and time again and put my mind at ease over a current situation I am going through. Annie is lovely to speak to and does not judge. If you give her a call you will not be disappointed. L&Lxx

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