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The Magician and The Three of Wands

You have chosen the Magician and the Three of Wands. The Three of Wands is a creation card, a card of happenings and the Magician is a manifestation card which means you are achieving through certain will power your manifestations and you are achieving your goals. This is because the Magician is ruled by the Planet Mercury. Mercury deals with how your mind is working, how you think and how you view reality, how you speak, how you communicate. The Three of Wands is telling us that there is the creation of a partnership. Perhaps journeys overseas or over land. There are certainly some financial business transactions to be looked for. You are probably doing some financial business transactions but someone looks like they may be left out. Perhaps there are three of you or maybe you are leaving someone or something behind. However, please take note this is a very productive card. It is to do with the exchange of stocks, shares, trades, in fact anything. This is a big green light and a yes, yes, yes! You must make sure your lines of communications are absolutely 100%. It is time to write letters, make phone calls, arrange meetings particularly if they are connected with buying and selling. You need to mix and mingle with people who are light hearted but intelligent and are on the same wavelength as you. Use your powers of expression. They are vital to your personal success so you must promote yourself and further your cause. You now have a skill for buying and selling with the right amount of marketing or publicity you will manage to sort things out monetary wise. You've got to use your brilliant brain. Arrange interviews, meetings, and bluff your way through if you have to - make it your business to find out things that you don't understand. Verbal language is only one dimension of communication. Remember it's your thoughts and feelings through body language, facial expression, the emotional atmosphere you're providing, the use of your clothes, your car, make up, your accent that tells others about you. You are speaking and communicating and translating the insight of who you are to the heart and mind of the viewer, the reader, or the listener that you are trying to do business with. This is a fascinating time to discover and learn.

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Nat T by JRated: 5 

This lady is wonderful. Have spoke to her before and she’s always so clear and accurate with what comes up.... never hesitates and has no gain other than to be truthful in a reading. I love her way of reading and would have no hesitation in recommending her xx

Bugsy by David Rated: 5 

Very accurate reading short but I heard enough. Will be calling again. Recommend to my friends.

Sue D by HannahRated: 5 

Spoken to this lovely gifted lady a few times. I always just sit back and listen , I feel as though I get told what I need. Very positive reading today after a tough time lately. So grateful for her guidance. She is genuinely gifted.

Michelle M by Lorna Rated: 5 

I had a reading done by Michelle in August and she told me the truth even though it broke my heart, I didn’t believe it, but it is now October and absolutely everything she said was true. Absolutely astonishing. She will tell the truth as it is.

Jasmine by KellyRated: 5 

Jasmine is amazing. Very down to earth, lovely lady. Jasmine picked up straight away on my personality, the troubles with my past career and was able to tell me about my exciting new project that I have in the pipeline. Straight to the point and clear guidance. Thank you Jasmine. X

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