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The Magician and The Three of Swords

You have chosen the Magician and the Three of Swords. The Magician is the card that shows you how your mind is working for it deals with the Planet Mercury. It's how you think, view reality and how you speak and communicate to others. It's a card of achievement and willpower and you can manifest things for yourself. This is the time to achieve goals. The Three of Swords also signifies some sort of creative skill that you've got. However, you have found that the past is haunting you and stopping you from moving forwards. Now this is a recurring situation, it's not the first time you've felt like this. There have been some upsets, possibly even heartbreaks, and this is a situation that's now coming to a conclusion even though it's felt like that before. It's time to move on and leave behind the hurt and the pain of things that have not worked out in your favour. You need to understand life through looking at the patterns and in which order the events take place. You have sometimes quite an abstract thought pattern, which causes you to view reality and truth for it's own sake. You grasp basic principles in quite a broad way and you don't need too much peripheral detail. Now what has gone wrong here is that you're harping on about your past and letting it haunt you from making manifestations to achieve your goals in the present for your future. Perhaps you feel that things were slightly disillusioned and that someone around you fooled you. Well it was just a lack of communication and you now need to look at the opportunities coming your way and to move on from this and become involved in working out exactly the facts when you go into a new enterprise with someone new. Before you leap in with your trust you are now learning to stand out from the crowd instead of fitting in with everybody else. For you need to understand life through a process of weighing and measuring your own personal objectives and judgements against the opinions and interpretations of others around you. It is maybe a time for reflection and to compare how you're going to acquire what you want by fair and balanced means. Make sure that you don't fool yourself into believing what you want to be the truth - where in fact it is confusion and full of self deception. You may be good at more than one dimension of language: the verbal aspect of language is only one way. You're quite empathic towards body language and facial expressions and you very good when it comes interpreting emotional atmospheres. You are able to tell things about people by the things that they do such as the cars they drive, their clothes, their actions and whatever speaks to you, it's your way of translating. Don't cut your nose off to spite your face. You have a lifetime to discover the various talents of being involved with other people and the happiness that is to follow. There are loads of fascinating things to discover and learn without being afraid.

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Sarah Sinclair by BRated: 5 

Excellent!! Thank you Sarah

Aylin by 915Rated: 5 

She's the only reader to have gotten timing for contact correct. It happened within a few weeks of my first reading. I have to see if the rest unfolds because there are still obstacles but I'm impressed it was 6 months of no contact! I have serious faith in her gifts!

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Really don’t need to have another reading after Julie clarified what other top readers on ATA have said. Validation after validation flowed, and the ref to bubble and squeak was amazing. Also had a giggle listening back to Julie’s fab sense of humour. Wishing you well lovely lady, chat again soon xxx

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Thanks for all of your incredible readings.

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Katie is very accurate with her readings. I will definitely be having a follow up reading. My reading was a month ago and when I listen back to I see her accuracy

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