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The Lovers and The Ten of Swords

You have chosen the Lovers and the 10 of Swords.The Lovers is a card of communication between two people. It usually relates to a physical attraction and there are sometimes choices and obstacles that have to be made within a relationship. The choice is in which way you negotiate the obstacle is usually to do with a lack of communication. It's to do with where two parties are not communicating and following the same path at the same time. In fact you feel betrayed as if you've experienced a total loss. This form of humiliation is to do with large groups of people. There is nothing physical in your loss but you feel that you've been stabbed in the back and humiliated to do with a group of people. Maybe this is your friends, colleagues or family but either way you realise that you should not listen to gossip and that you should not allow your mind to do overtime, whatever people think. Maybe jealousy, anger or resentment came out but the communication between the two parties are the ones that are important. What would other people think. you've learnt at last it is nothing to do with anyone what goes on between two people. Relationships are certainly hard work and the obstacles that come in their way are usually to do with two people pulling in two different directions. Verbal communication is one dimension of language but you can pick up an empathy and understanding by recognising body language, facial expression and being sensitive to atmosphere and environment. You must learn to go with your instinct and sense what is the truth and you're capable of deep intuitive insight for this is where your empathetic towards your partner. It's time to use your mind as much as possible and you must put your feelings into words. You need clear the air. Perhaps you've felt bored or stuck in a routine. It's time to stimulate and get some spice into this relationship instead of holding on to thoughts and feelings that are no longer viable or productive to your current circumstances or the people who are no longer vibrating on the same frequency as you and to realise that you must communicate with your partner so that the two of you can follow the same path at the same time, each forming your independence as human beings but coming together as a meeting of a relationship of mind, body and soul.

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Thank you for my reading. It was beautiful and uplifting.

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It was a pleasure to have James read for me yesterday. He is a very kind and caring man and an intuitive, accurate and detailed reader. I am confidently awaiting predictions on the psychic side but on the mediumship side he was spot-on and brought great comfort. God bless James, will be back.

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