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The Lovers and The Six of Pentacles

You have chosen the Lovers and the 6 of Pentacles.The Lovers shows that you are a person who is very good at communcation skills. You are someone who is in constant need of stimuli. Your search for experience and knowledge is something that stimulates you into action but sometimes there are temptations put in your way to do with the material aspect of life where decisions have to be made for you and on behalf of those you love and care about particularly if you have a partner. The 6 of Pentacles is explaining to you that you sometimes have to receive help from others, particularly if money is going out to pay bills very quickly. You must develop a very humble approach and not feel that you are someone who is demoralised or demeaned by this experience for the 6 of Pentacles explains that you are receiving some help from others. This may be to do with your partner or your family or even the fact that you are claiming from the State. You must work out a plan and a strategy of self sufficiency to get you through these lean times. For money is definitely going out quicker than it is coming in. You must communicate to your partner or your loved ones and explain the situation and then you must make a careful plan to negotiate your spending in directions of necessity. It is important that you learn the humble ability of being on a very tight budget. If you have just come through such times this card is explaining to you that you have had advice and help to offer others who find themselves in similar circumstances. Perhaps you can set up a meeting or some sort of gathering where you can communicate your experiences to others. If you are someone who is still struggling in this aspect of finance it is important that you continue to be straight and tell people exactly what your circumstances are. There is no shame attached to finding yourself in a difficult situation to do with matters of money or finance. The Lovers card explains to you that your communication is paramount to sorting out any problems that you have to do with your finances for you are someone who works best when you explain your situation to those you love and care about. You will find that you realise that you have many multiple talents that are capable of sorting out the difficulties you find yourself facing in these difficult times.

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Ruth by FrancesRated: 5 

Fab reading knew about new job and current situation with no prompting.

Les by AmeenaRated: 5 

I get a regular reading with Les. He’s always 100% spot on. He’s super quick & gets right into it. No time wasting! You can talk to him about anything & he can give great insight into it. So far all his predictions have happened for me. Highly recommend if you want a REAL reading! Thank u Les! Xx

Cathy by AnonRated: 5 

She is truly gifted; she does not give you a story, she tells you how she sees things and it happens. Amazing.

Anya P by Cristina Rated: 5 

Thank you for my reading. It was beautiful and uplifting.

James by AnonRated: 5 

It was a pleasure to have James read for me yesterday. He is a very kind and caring man and an intuitive, accurate and detailed reader. I am confidently awaiting predictions on the psychic side but on the mediumship side he was spot-on and brought great comfort. God bless James, will be back.

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