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The Lovers and The Queen of Pentacles

You have chosen the Lovers and the Queen of Pentacles.The Lovers is a card of communication and deals with physical attractions. It's the choices to be made within a relationship. Usually there is some sort of obstacle within the relationship for this is after all a card of temptation. The problems in your relationship come from the fact that you are quite materialistic and financially you are probably very successful. This is a card saying that you are doing financially well. In fact, your future is secure, there's wealth, health and abundance around you. You enjoy nice things and you pay a lot of attention to detail but you're highly materialistic and possibly a little too involved when it comes to matters of work or career. It is important to remember that you are both human beings and although you are separate beings you must come together and pull together as a couple occasionally. It is important to not take your partner for granted and expect them to realise that just because you're with them, that you care. In fact you've been doing quite the opposite. You've been showing how well you're doing without them. That's unfair and unkind. Relationships are after all, extreme hard work no matter how long you've been together you must constantly look for ways to communicate with each other and constantly make sure that you're following the same path at the same time. You may have your separate lives and that's to be respected. It's important for you to have your own individual style but when you don't come together or remind each other or forget to say to each other why you want to be together and what you have been doing and how much you care then the matters are that you're pulling in two different directions and what's the point in that. You'll both end up with muddles, misunderstandings, rows and possibly going your separate ways. It is important to remember not to over react, to just simply through any non verbal forms of communication identify ways in which you can constantly remind each other of the physical attraction that binds the two of your together and to make that person feel that you're not taking them for granted.

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